Who Has The Worst Tattoo? (Board AF)

Birt 15 nóv 2020
Not saying that we’re the world’s worst tattoo artists, but we’re not NOT the worst…
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Ian Hecox: ianhecox
Courtney Miller: co_mill
Matt Raub: mattraub
Sarah Whittle: rudeunicorns
Spencer The Editor: spennser
Ify Nwadiwe: ifynwadiwe
Producer: Layne Pavoggi
Tech Director: Mark Raub
Editor: Rebekah Estey
DP: Brennan Iketani
Sound: Greg Jones
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  • I would love for Courtney to design my tattoo!

  • me: from stl, not caring ian: IMPOSSIBLE

  • 0:12 That two sentence interaction describes a lot of Twitter arguements

  • Ok but why would I get Courtney's first tattoo?

  • When it says "Victorian wig", did they mean "Georgian wig"?

  • Ifyi’s first design is low key white supremacist that covert swastika and punisher skull with American iconography is raw.

  • Courtney could have a career on the side designing tattoos for people. Amazing job, especially considering you couldn't erase.

  • Courtney’s so good in different fields of art. Singing, dancing, drawing and writing? Where the Courtney stans at? I’m in

  • I love this game lol

  • Lady Libertiddys?

  • Anytime Matt is in a video it's and automatic dislike. Because fuck Matt raub.

  • Sarah: "I'm trying to keep this family friendly." Courtney 5 seconds earlier: "TITTIES!"

  • We already knew Courtney is the best drawer hands down


  • THAT IS A BAD TATTOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I did not expect such excellent quick art from Courtney. Now I just wanna see her draw more!

  • Skinny Matt Raub looks like my uncle now

  • You can tell Spencer must be short because the Honda Grom is like a step up from a childs play motorcycle

  • Courtney’s first tattoo is badass af, I’d honestly love to get that one if I didn’t care about getting a job in the future lmao

  • S E V E N D A YS


  • Courtney's first Statue of Liberty tat looked like a tarot card...dope ✌✨

  • I really wanna watch yal play risk on board AF I need to see this

  • Courtney should have won the first round. That was amazing! All her tattoo designs were the best in general.

  • I’d love to play this game but I don’t have enough friends :’)

  • What about Big Cat from Sonic adventures

  • “Show them thangs, lets freedom rang” -Ify 😂😂😂

  • Courtney and I had the same idea with a bit different representation

  • Watching this as a tattooer is hilarious

  • I love Courtney's Lady Liberty drawing because that's the type of drawing I thought of doing when I heard the prompts

  • Courtney should become a tattoo artist for real

  • I truly don't know how Sarah tolerates Matt's "jokes"

  • I actually might get Courtney’s Liberty art tattoo.

  • Matt is looking really good! Did he lose weight?

  • The first one cortney drew was amazing I know what my first tattoo is gonna be just got a few more years and my dad's paying for my first tattoo

  • I live in St. Louis!

  • How is Courtney so good at drawing without being able to erase

  • Is it just me or would Courtney look amazing with a mullet? Or just as she is now, she’s literally always so pretty 😭♥️

  • All my tattoos are trash lol.

  • The leggy shark is part of the Sassy Leg Navy.

  • why did this video become a Ad lol

    • Also why are these females repeating everything other people say?

  • I haven't seen Mattrob in a while and I'm surprised and happy about his weight loss

  • I was freaking out like Ify as well. He was robbed lol

  • Courtney's first tattoo is pretty much what I imagined omg

  • Did matt say ahegao, but wrong?

  • The statue of liberty kind of reminds me of mother nature from Moana Like if agree

  • I watched this video on an ad while trying to watch another video of theirs, then went to their channel just to leave a comment about it.

  • You know what makes this video great is having it as an add on other smosh videos and it’s only the smosh videos I think it’s weird that they would advertise a different video that they made on there other video. Lol

  • Just saw this as a 30 minute ad on a try not to laugh. Did someone mess up?

  • i got this as an ad for another smosh video.

  • I love peeved Ify was

  • Courtney had some really good drawings

  • A daredevil jumping over a pool of sharks, with mini boxing gloves hanging from the handles of the motorcycle. At the top it just says Life(which is indeed a board game) Edit: I didnt watch their tattoos at the point I made this comment lol

  • i got this whole video as an ad

  • I really need SMOSH games to do a dnd session man- I’m begging!!

  • No joke, I got this episode as an ad. Like, the full video as an ad. It was skippable, thank God, but wow.

  • I was with my mom at the store looking for games to play during the holidays and I saw this game and convinced my mom to buy it cuz it looked so fun watching you guys play it! It was a bit hit too! Everyone loved it!😁

  • I came from an ad

  • I’m just glad someone else remembers Trogdor

  • I saw this video in an advertisement

  • Fun fact: ISprofile now has an ad that is just this video. Completely unedited. The whole thirty minutes.

  • Dah, Ian is the best


  • Put Courtney's Statue of Liberty and Shark on a shirt!111 Like this so they see it!

  • I take offence to that erasing tool

  • saw this video as an ad and had to come see it here!

  • My tattoo I would have drawn for Ify: A Street Shark wearing boxing gloves, on a motor cycle, jumping a Hungry Hungry Hippo a la The Fonze.

  • "He made Hamtaro, ON ACCIDENT" killed me.

  • Has anyone else gotten this video as an ad?

    • I had actually already seen it too? That was so weird

  • I would literally play this game to create a real life tattoo, lol

  • As it is incorrect you can't erase tattoos, when you go to get a tattoo they draw up your sketch then ask you to approve it

  • Who got this for an ad? ‘Cause I got it for an ad.

  • Ian never seems to do very good at games

  • 5:03 I feel like “show your thangs let freedom rang” is being under appreciated

  • Courtney and iffy were the best drawers this time! P.S. Do the game operations with punishments live.

  • Holy, when did Matt start losing weight? He looks awesome

  • Why is this an ad?

  • I would get Courtney's liberty tattoo irl if I had the money

  • I’m in love with Sarah’s hair 😍

  • Oof, Ify deserved that anime point !

  • Anyone notice that matt is getting skinny i liked when he looked like a cuddle bear but its ok ig🥲🤧

  • I may be high. But does courtney look high to anyone else?

  • anyone going to comment on how bananas don't actually grow on trees...

  • Courtney’s drawings are always so impressive

  • You should put Courtney’s statue and Spencer’s Mount Rushmore on shirts!

  • Spencer saying "I don't think that man has ever seen a motorcycle" made me cry laughing

  • Spencer: ...Halo... No one: draws Master Chief

  • Please for the love of god more IFY!

  • For the last round, I would've done a motorcycle jumping a ramp over a shark with exploding kittens in the back ground. And the motorcycle would have a boxing glove sticker.

  • I wish there’s was a fantasy factory reference when a prompt was “Big Cat” lol

  • I would LOVE to see the Smosh fam play D&D

  • i see that Courtney is Left Handed, guess that's why she's so creative and good at drawing

  • 25:44 I thought Spencer said “sharks were my favorite number growing up”

  • What brand do you think Matt uses for his blue hair. On the hunt for the perfect blue color and I love his

  • I would legitimately love to get Courtney's statue of liberty tattoo put somewhere on my body. Its so cute 😍

  • hearing the ✨wow✨during sarah’s turn was great bc it kept making me think of Hisoka. But Ify’s One Piece Luffy flag was great Edit: for ify’s i would’ve drawn Kirishima (sharky boi) with boxing gloves on jumping off his motercycle for a trick while on Atlantic Ave. (monopoly)

  • “HE MADE HAMTARO ON ACID DIP!”- Ify 2k20😂😂

  • I want the shark from Courtney too 😃

  • You guys should totally play Villainous! I think you guys would definitely enjoy it! There's multiple expansions too, one including Thanos

  • I’m honored to live in st.Louis ❤️