Trying the World's Strongest Alcohol

Birt 9 maí 2021
We Tasted the Most Powerful Drinks in the world!

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    • I bought hoodies cause I’m a simp

    • Y'all Should Try Puncheon From Trinidad ...With One Shot Its Overrrrr😭😭😭😭😭

    • @Schwaant 111

    • Do one getting super stoned

    • Our white lighting here in the old south 🇺🇸🗽🦅 will run a car too but taste great too...

  • the real number 1 is hand sanitizer 99% alcohol

  • That had to be a rough hangover with all those different liquors.

  • Ok one guy I like the other one I just want to beat up and I don't know why lol maybe I need to drink more I know now he acts like my brother lol

  • I’m gonna act like I didn’t notice they left out Everclear, while I glance over at a bottle of it on the dresser.

  • Stroh means straw in German and its named Straw because they made it from fcking straw

  • Funny story: my moms friend once chugged a flask of Stroh 80 after a breakup (you can get that stuff in most alcohol sections in germany). They were 14 and living in a village, she had to get her stomach pumped out. Alcohol isn't a joke kids. At least not one you get yet.

  • Im sorry what was his Name again i forgot

  • I love you guys

  • gostei, precioso

  • I am Austrian and a friend of mine nearly died cause of stroh80. No joke!

  • 8:48 Max inhales the scent of Stagg and immediately nuts himself XD

  • aussies having a lil pre-drinks

  • His name is deeez

  • CHAD how long have you been growing your hair GOALS

  • First he beats me pokemon TCG now alcoholism wish we had cool people like than in the US everyone loves magic and hates alcohol

  • Russians: meh. Needs more vodka

  • I’ll pay 150$ a month usd to your patreon if chad buys a car that’s not a Nissan cube

  • 100 proof vodka is a staple here in Kentucky

  • It's like hot ones, but good

  • Do not try this at home!!!!

  • Aussie version of Hot Wings!! but will kill you!

  • 6:32 oh no.....

  • I have taken 7 shots of EverClear 190, Just watching this and honestly i would do it again love you guys

    • Dood while watching this my liver pains 😖😖😖😖😖........

  • Deez Nuts

  • I’m chad’s American twin

  • S

  • You guys need to try Octomore whiskey

  • Rakija?

  • world strongest alcohol 95%? I make 96 in my basment

  • "This MF got a cork in the middle BRUH" *thas where corks go*

  • I hope there's a bed nearby, two to be exact.

  • Surprised everclear wasn’t on the list lmao

  • Try bagaço, this is a Portuguese drink, it is very hot and hard

  • the strongest alcohol is ever clear, lying ass video name

  • You know you’re drunk when you drink to “Shoenice”

  • Where’s the Ever Clear at?

  • Imagine.. the moment… they stood up.

  • Yall talk too much just drink

  • So i had a friend buy me a bottle of my choice for my bday so i picked a 151 rum thats 75% alchohol for like 10$ literal bottom shelf stuff and they said i need to drink it since its my bday so i drank it straight out the bottle and threw up projectile later that night

  • The right one is so annoying that he is somehow funny at the end! :D

  • Gente eles ja beberam 51? Pitu? PLEASE TRY BRAZILIAN CACHAÇAAAAA

  • When deez can't handle his liquor lmfaioo

  • "Rum drinkers beat their wives!" OMG that had me dying!!!

  • Ciu bekonang keras lur Indonesia tradisional alcohol drink awoakwok gabisa basa inggrid

  • why buy all this expensive gin and vodka and stuff when you can just buy a good ole laua viin for like 7 euros

  • In the us there is a bottle called everclear it’s 190 proofed that shit can kill you🔥💯

  • red belly

  • 11:17 I'm Canadian, you should let me on the show. I'm a lightweight with a stomach ulcer, so It's physically impossible for me to drink more than you guys

  • As a proud Englishman I can confirm that we are harder than you convicts over in the glorified penal colony you call home.

  • You guys are so drunk... wtf

  • Hamer broms

  • Omg I’m so glad I found this. I’m happy that max has a new channel to be himself on

  • POV : *You're watching this for the fourth time and decided to look at the comments*

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Do we really need liver ????

  • Try Spirytus Rektyfikowany from Poland 98%

  • Everclear is all you need

  • Theres a 120$ bottle of tequila in cozumel, it's aged in a barrel and you'll love it like its water

  • Holy crap...I remember being a teenager and had a cold, and my mom said "Here! This will clear stuff up!" ...and she handed me a shot of Stroh. 20 years later, still feel the burn.

  • Had the Tiki fire at a bar i was working at, would definatly recommend grabbing a bottle and trying it. Bussin

  • In philipines some old man drink tanduay 80% bottoms up in one drink

  • "Aw, it's a rum! Rum drinkers beat their wives!" Fucking sent me lmao

  • Ther’s one more alcohol- DENATURAT

  • This like drunk scrim and ruby from UK lmfao

  • My liver is quaking…

  • 90s and up just drys your mouth in a bad way

  • as someone who smells a *hint* of vodka and cringes like I just took a shot, seeing them just drink these and have no reaction blows my mind

  • 11:00 yuriy fucking dies

  • I was waiting to see the Wray and nephews

  • Iam not sure what his name is, can he possibly say it one more time

  • so what im seeing is some fools mixing light n dark liqour

  • They death' or still alive after this video

  • Try american can get well over 200% abv (400+ proof) for the hardest alcohol ever. But BEWARE...its fact dont do what I said. I accept no responsibility. Thanks :P

  • Honestly hilarious watching these two get progressively drunk😂

  • I'm close to 16 bahahah I'd drink ya under lmfao

  • You should do ever clear

  • 6:29

  • Jokes on you, I don't have a wife

  • I thought deez was maxmoefoe

  • When he starts slurring his words…. ☠️

  • The blue Smirnoff you paid way to much its like $39.99 here in the USA bassically you paid like $58 for it still to expensive but good shituff

  • There is a reason bacardi stopped selling 151 and people don't drink everclear straight.

  • Not gonna lie I would try that Barbados rum.

  • My name is deez nutzz

  • please try arak bali or cap tikus

  • I love how this video rapidly descends into chaos

  • Can we talk about how together these dudes kept their shit during this thing?! I'm on 10 shots of Jim Beam watching this and halfway through I forgot I wasn't watching Bad Boys. Fuckin Jaden Smith bro......goodnight

  • discount version of hotones

  • I guess they haven’t had ever clear yet and I might have to send that to them

  • Try U.S.A. Moonshine you can’t handle it

  • The rounded bottom is for bartender drinks so us drunk people don’t get bored an pass out I have to drink and watch this every time I drink I’ve watched it like 30 times

  • Are you all trying to get alcohol poisoning? I am surprised you are still alive.

  • They moved it to the Caribbean because temperature affects the aging

  • what does his jacket say ??

  • Dude these two are hilarious

  • Rakia stronger

  • CAPTIKUS. Please try 🥰🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • guys, i think his name is deez

  • Any nepali people here👀😂🍾