Trying the World's Strongest Alcohol

Birt 9 maí 2021
We Tasted the Most Powerful Drinks in the world!

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    • He stepped gingerly onto the bridge knowing that enchantment awaited on the other side.

    • Sam n Max gettin' drunk as hell... Me: Australian dollars exist...?

    • Well done cobbers and I love the Stroh I’ve gone out and got it a couple of times.

    • @Jason Voorhees Joe mama

    • Sellout intensifys

  • You guys could mixing all of it in 1 shot LOL=)))

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  • First time seeing this completely invested, I remember them from Filthy days, they're the aussie version of jay and silent bob.

  • Sorry, but you guys haven't had Appalachian Moonshine... I've had the best moonshine that actually terrified me. One sip tasted like warm water, followed by a burst of strawberry. Yet despite my tolerance it got me drunk. As i said, I took a sip! After a shot and I couldn't walk, yet my senses told me that I had a jolly rancher in my mouth. I have had the best, and it terrified me, and due to that I question everything. It cost next to nothing and came in a jar, it was like a blessing and a curse.

  • i wanna see if i can drink these boys under the table

  • "red belly" = "my name is deez" they sound adorable

  • Tea

  • Ea

  • Come drink in Bermuda I would not make it of the Bermuda tra

  • I am from Bermuda The drinking age is 18

  • More

  • Aren’t you like… not supposed to mix liquor?

  • I got alcohol poisoning just watching this.

  • lose weight

  • Moonshine is actually the strongest alcohol in the world, buttttt it’s illegal💀so it makes sense u guys didn’t drink it 😂👍

  • You noobs, in Poland we drink Spiritus

  • My friends and I used to drive to the US-CAN border and buy 90% grain alcohol. Then we would dare each other to take a single shot. NOT A SINGLE GUY COULD HANDLE A SHOT WITHOUT THROWING UP. Then one of the girlfriends of my friend did a shot, no problem, didn't throw up, then did another, and another, no throwing up. TL:DR girl drank 3 shots of 180 proof 90% alcohol and didn't vomit while 6 mid-20's men all vomited after one shot

  • In college, we used to drink shit like that like water all of the time

  • 12:58 that laugh KILLED me lmaooo

  • Maxmoefoe remember them gta days 😂😂💯

  • I love how Max came up with a plan to pour that into the punch, got bored of the idea, and then immediately went to the simplest option of just murdering a house full of people with guns.

  • What did Chad said when Ukrainian flag showed? Що він сказав? Я не зрозумів, і субтитри не працюють ._. 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  • Finish it with fucking rubbing alcohol

  • Buddy deez got smacked by that tequila, he was gone after taking that shot

  • im the new deez

  • Looks like Post Malone

  • mans straight tested out diesel and petrol 😂

  • your livers

  • 4:23 “my name is deez” *yeets box*

  • I think his name might be Deez

  • Oih Highland Park, noiceru.

  • where did ya get the hinata japanese gin bottle from

  • The title is a bit of a misfact as the World's Strongest drinkable ethanol is actually 100% that you can get in 1 gallon jugs. There are plenty of lab supply companies that sell non-denatured alcohol

  • Thats like drinking hand sanitizer

  • I’m so fucking happy I stumbled across this Chanel 😂💞

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  • Me: *Drinks the bottle Me: *Passes out Me: *Wakes up in a carriage "Hey you your finally awake"

    • My name deez

  • Bottle from 2005 Scott: "Its a 13 year old bottle"

  • He said that’ll make anyone immortal 😂😂


  • 1 gelas setiap 1 botol At the end video nya teler dong bosss 🤣

  • Come out here in India and try roxy as well as mc rum 😖😂

  • its melting the ice ?????

  • Дайте им попробовать дедова самогона, вот тогда они офигеют

  • My uncle make 150 proof

  • Try imperador, gin and lambanog from Philippines

  • We used to shot OJtiki fire in the cocktail bar I worked in, in north England. I’ve never seen it sold anywhere else. Mix it with lemonade and it tastes like cream soda 😋

  • Stroh 80 costs like 15€ in germany which is like 18 dollar instead of 90 ^^

  • *Liver has left the chat*

  • i guess UK motherfuckers built different :')

  • “Rum drinkers beat their wives” let’s end that narrative quickly!! Hella offensive to us rum drinkers, vodka and whiskey now? I agree 😂😂

  • Women live longer than men. *Yeah, I can see why*

  • Deez

  • they spent 111.11 a minute to drink grog

  • Love how they just casually set the table on fire for like 10 seconds

  • I can't believe they didn't have everclear for the last one, 99%. I took 5 pulls out of that bottle and chased it with monster at 5am during my fraternity days


  • "Fuck, that will make anyone a model"

  • Ya might aswell have drunk metho 😂😂

  • I am surprised that none of them explosively vomited all around the place

  • Vodka rn is like $20 in my country😅😝

  • when I saw them bring out brown liquor with all that...... the SHIT that they're gonna have to take is gonna be BADDDD

  • Y'all hilarious! Subscribed!

  • God gin tastes like ass lol

  • These gents are pretty freaking entertaining.

  • Chad just casually took a shot of 96% alcohol

  • “Where’d the bottle go?” “It’s right in front of you.”

  • 1:03 Who’s Deez?

  • deez

  • it's boozing time

  • that was the worst thing I've ever seen. you guys should quit while you are ahead.

  • They got soooooo drunk

  • I live near highland park lol, like a couple minute walk😂

  • I like both of them

  • Love it u made me a subscriber

  • SMH the strongest alcohol is found in the caribbean only blablabla

  • Guys i found a 96 volumes vodka

  • lisping 4 in and destroyed after 6. keep going though

  • الكلية حاليا: ooooooh lord

  • I tried 90% cuz I was a dumb kid thinking I was cool and that was the only alcohol my Mexican parents had... it felt like acid 😂

  • This is just the fucked up version of hot ones! Me personally, I would be very concerned drinking all those high alcohol content bottles at once! This is dangerous and stupid! I can’t imagine the hangovers they had!

  • Every drink you guys had I’ve taken a shot myself. Not I’m drunk off my ass. Side note it’s been only vodka

  • Stroh 80 costs 15 bucks in germany lol

  • Wait until they figure out how strong moonshine is 😳😳

  • This is melting my face off..WTF man!!!

  • ur that guy from filthy frank who got a tattoo on your ass

  • fucking stroh 80 costs 15 Euros in Germany

  • He's name is Deez....Deez nuts 😂😂

  • He waited for the stop sign to turn to a go sign.

  • WOW alcohol in australia is really really expensive stroh in slovakia costs 25 dollars

  • Do they do a show about alcohol and not have a corkscrew lol?

  • You guys are insane bro 🙏🙏

  • What's his last name?

  • Welcome to video 😩😂

  • What the outro song ?

  • You are trying to embalm yourself,you are drinking those shots too fast

  • That blue hundred proof Smirnoff is just the trash $1 nips that hobos and single moms drink here in Massachusetts.

  • No don't break it my name is deez