World's Most Realistic Custom Skateboard, Everyone Thought It Was A Photo | ZHC Crafts

Birt 4 feb 2021
This was crazy lol
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  • I love skateboarding and those look awsome. Got any spares😁

  • can you do a scooter

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  • hey jordan i'm one of ur subscribers :)


  • plz do more skatboard panting

  • Cool Cool cool Cool cool cool cool

  • Am I the only one that just loves Vivs voice! ❤️🥺

  • Screw The Screws - ZHC 2021

  • It doesn't look real


  • Pinoy

  • I can't make youtube video but if you give me your number I will share my pictures

  • what do you mean you cant sk8 do you mean you can ollie or you cant ride around

  • Michelle , skating using her fingers : Call me a professional!! Me , skating using my legs: Will i ever learn the way of Michelle!!! How will I ever be a professional !!!!

    • @Neetu Jain yay ty

    • @HUMAN GIRL Yess

    • did i get it right the first time is it Michelle

    • @Neetu Jain Is is Michelle

    • @Neetu Jain okkkkkkkkkkk

  • Now i know what viv fav animals it is tiger

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  • Skate board are my fav sport

  • I would love to be in one of your videos u are amazing.

  • I made a second account so I can have a chance winning I've been your subscribers for 3 years I would freak out if I win a big amount of money if He Actually choose me It will be a big help to my family and I can pay my parents dept my luck is terrible.congrats who ever win And congratulations to 20.1million subscribers 🎉 keep safely

  • Done

  • Can you please send me a iPhone please I'm working on you guys I hope I to see you 1 day

  • Please doint a skateboard to me please.

  • I wanted a skateboard😂 I love skateboarding ❤❤

  • How do you that good?

  • i want to be in one of your videos so bad.

  • Can I pls get a normal nintendo switch with a sunset on it

  • Zach u would look so cool skating but Michelle would look better😂

  • Congratulations to 20 million subscribers 🎉

  • Can you customise a skateboard for me

  • What Scared me in the Thumbnail was the Mouth-

  • Go and watch lena dayana its an art channel she makes some really really good art you say tht your drawings look very realestic but her drawings look much better I am not a hater but I am just saying just dont lie in your title like everyone thought that that was a photo or stuff like that pls dont do that she make some paintings that really look like photos and you really dont

  • Please kan you make a skateboard for me

  • I have been subscribe for over a year and I watched all of your videos can you do more because I love to watch them and the artists are amazingly talented

  • I wish I had a skateboard

  • Does anyone skate cause I skate

  • you guys are soooooo talented

  • Can you guys do a challenge who can customise the best roller skates 🛼

  • Why are they so short?

  • jakes sketches are terrifying

  • I love you guys

  • I wish i have a skateboard i only have a pennyboard😟

  • oooo

  • i love you guys

  • I love the ZHC crafts logo it’s to cute

  • Next video: I bought a city and customised it for a month!

  • Wow

  • I really want to be in your artist crew

  • I love yall so much 💗

  • Zach in 10 years: Today we'll be painting the moon

  • Ay Love Your Berio

  • I Love you 😘😘😘😘😘😘💎💎💎💎💎💎💰💰💰💰💰💰

  • The bizarre philippines steadily decay because country daily whip abaft a fluttering teller. sincere, third reduction

  • ZHC legit looks happy as hell in all his videos good sport man

  • I wish i could win something

  • hi Zach if I was to meet you cold you customize my skateboard my sister wont do it for me

  • i subscribed i really hope i win something but i am in your videos

  • Of you and machel

  • Can you make one for me Plzz 🥺

  • Hey you ZHC mey Skateboard is broken😭💔

  • omg this was so good i love how the skateboards turned out love yall be safe everone

  • That is not a photo people

  • That does not look good it looks horrible

  • Thumb nail: not a picture Me but you have to take a picture of it to put it on ISprofile

  • Cameraman Gabe needs more love

  • viv did good

  • can i pls get one

  • I can skate I my favorite is the tiget

  • “Not really bc my eyes are closed rn” ZHC crafts

  • "your a bunch of posers" hahaha gabe teach me a heelflip pls.

  • Mr beast of the art world LOL

  • I'm prob late but can I have one pls I need a new one

  • What with Mackenzie and octopuses

  • You are good at art

  • Pls give me anything i subscribed to your all channel 😭 😭😭😭😭

  • anyone is gonna talk about how clean Gabe's heelflip was?

  • who else wants to draw half as good as ZHC

  • Jakes looks like meat canyon character

  • Hi can I have one

  • I think nodoby noticed that there is a Blackpink lightstick

  • Oops I did it again I played with your heart got lost in the game

  • hey can you give me a mobile or ipad or macbook i am using broke phone i live in India i have doen my surgery doen so pleased

  • Lit love it

  • Jake was way to excited for this!😂


  • Lol

  • ww💙

  • 2 million YAY

  • Who else spends hours on their videos and gets 40 views imagine everyone who liked this comment subbed lol that would be crazy

  • Viv done it I guess

  • OMG thats skateistan created by sky brown

  • Egg

  • This was the shortest video on earth

  • What's the song that played at 42sec

  • it does not look real

  • 👍👍👍

  • Viv is so sweet😜

  • That look cool

  • Mihai....the. 😛😐🤔😉😉😉😉😉