My Girlfriend is Kinda Odd

Birt 27 jún 2021
Being in my first serious relationship has had its ups and downs, but it's been really nice and makes me happy :)
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  • Am I the only one who didn't trought James was the kind of person who would call her gf "babe"?

  • They still make bagel bites?

  • spy from tf2

  • Is no one gonna talk about how he put coco puffs on his spaghetti?

  • 0:47

  • 0:46

  • Tip: Always allow each other to talk during arguments. Try not talk over each other, it allows everyone to speak on how they feel and also it doesn’t allow the situation to escalate. Also validating each other’s feelings. It’s helped a lot in my current relationship and I feel it’s the healthiest way to handle disagreements If you want more info I recommend looking into John Gottman videos(I recommend his video called “making marriage work”). He talks about relationships and even did a study on it. It’s helped me understand relationships and maybe he can help you too.

  • … is the snake still there …

  • weird flex but ok

  • Lol

  • Finally James got a girlfriend.

  • I know people are gonna roast me for this but there is something that came into my mind so i gotta let it out, yes i agree this is a very good relationship between u and your girlfriend but i truly think she needs to listen u about something u are extremely uncomfortable with (dead snake) just like you did something for her so she wont be extremely uncomfortable against her parents (eating manners) granted u did it not knowing that she will be uncomfortable against her parents because they are super fancy but that is an ever more reason because u did something for her without knowing what she wannit, you just said yes to what she wannit and unless the partner does the same girl or boy if they do not care for your little things (specially the logical thing) which makes u uncomfortable and u are taking care of their little things (again boy or girl) then that's my friend is not a stable relationship, i know when they hear something like this about their partner they get all defensive and stuff but i aint attacking anyone, just saying you need to know u are also as much worth it as the other partner, a partnership in life or bussiness is nothing if there is no balance in it, if u became so worthless for the other person that they are even yelling at u or saying abbusive words and in return u feel like u will always be the big person and take it all, then that my friend is a toxic relationship which no one wants to be in, and always saying yes does make it a toxic relationship. Always have a balance and life will give u a partner who will love you with all thier soul, speaking from experience.

  • I saw the team fortress 2 reference

  • Why do you have so many Bakugo plushies in your closet

  • Here's a tip: You want your relationship to be serious and also playful. You can be silly and have fun together but you also need to know when to sit down and talk to each other about something. If your partner is having a bad day just try to talk to them and if the don't want to talk just give them some space if they ask for it. Maybe do something together, it can be watching a funny show or movie to help them feel better.

  • James “Opens refrigerator” - spy “kill me” James “later”

  • loool i didnt check your channel since like 2019 this video is super cute also you animations are better every video is amazing :)



  • “She owns a 2000 dolar animall custum” me: furrshuithhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Thats sweet :)

  • 3:45 Kill me.



  • 6:58 could you imagine drawing a background for 2 days and it only lasting a split second in the video

  • I love this 😂😂

  • 5:40 a gif(t) for gif

  • Can I have the snakes I like snakes

  • Wait a anima what now SHE A FURRY!!!!

  • one day imma have it one day

  • 3:34 anyone get that reference?


  • 1 love the puns and 2 His girlfriend watching u call her stupid GIF: After why not, why not be single?

  • y is there 2 bakoogo plushes

  • Dam your my idol man I made my own channel Haha I have no good animations

  • okay I stoped watching you for a while but I think I’m gonna start watching you again

  • I never clicked faster

  • James:she owns a animal mascot costume but she doesn’t like sports that’s W E I R D Me:she’s a F U R R Y

  • Here’s a tip: always and I mean always, emphasize communication even through bad times.

  • Shhh she’s a fury

  • Love the Inside Out reference

    • TheOdd1nsideOut

  • B A G E L B I T E S

  • 1:02 imposter vents in elictrical

  • His animation skills have gotten so much better!

  • 3:44 love the spy head in the freezer

  • *MADUSA*

  • Can you work on? Did your mom clean T shirt your wearing? New Video on Animation TV Shows & Movies My is it shit. Because I say so. What is Dora the Explorer TV Show on Disney no Nickelodeon? Is it good? F Yeah What do you learn? ..... What is Spanish? IDK. Right. What did I ... learn. It safe to talk Animal in Sunny days walk in jungle of Mexico I think. Why I am Mexico by talk to "Map" and Sing Songs about travel tools and bitch stars. I think still learn Span- English or just English. Wow, why I am computer. Is this new world, Dora know to much. What did Dora Parent think before and During these "Advance". Where again?

  • She a furry

  • She a furry

  • Hognoses and ball pythons DONT FUKCING ATTACC

  • Pato

  • Dat smooth animation doe 3:58

  • Gif sus

  • Odd you odd too

  • Love how in youre fridge you got the blue spys head

  • I know who your gf is

  • Is this a reupload? I'm pretty sure this video is older. o.o

    • oh wait, the video talks about pre-covid.. so it's not that old. o.o That's crazy - I've already seen this video and thought it was years ago but apparently my brain is tricking me.

  • 1 person collects hunky reptile figures while the other wears a giant animal mascot and has "fancy" family stuff... I've seen how this story plays out.. 😏

  • The sign of love ahhh young love

  • AHobo,


  • James every meal is a meal to be thankful for just because it isn't thanks giving doesn't mean there is no reason to be thankful for your food also I suddenly want mashed potatoes so thanks james

    • @Superjack081 yes Also hebi Sasuke beats kakuzu I have heard people say otherwise and they are wrong and I'm totally not biased at all and there is nothing that could prove otherwise...

    • Sasuke

  • Hmmm…ironic

  • I put napkins on my lap to keep it safe from crumbs.

  • "Eat something green once in a while" *Eats a snot*

  • oh cool a omega mart lemon...can I have it

  • Now this is a funny video James

  • wow

  • chrome, windows, ISprofile, premier pro i loved your family in law.

  • isnt your b day may 14?

  • Wtf is that at 0:47 James????

  • cuz why have a fursuit

  • She a furry

  • Uh... This is too much information to take in at once... THIS IS A SENSORY OVERLOAD!

  • 1:30 I love that reference

  • Shady: We have a problem because you uploaded this video AFTER MY DEATH SO WHY AM I ON THE MANTLE PIECE Me:Thats Ironic Shady James we have a problem Shadys mad at you

  • What do you mean truth?

  • Eww No you gif has a dead snake in the freezer, she better have money, be beautiful and an easy going personality.

  • Devils Tango👺


  • Anyone going to talk about how his gf might be a furry….

  • 3:48 go to omega mart much

  • 日焼けにするからの方が好きかも。

  • nice meet the medic reference 3:45

  • Ngl I assumed this guy was gay.

  • There seems to be a spy among us!

  • 1:46 his girlfriend is yoshikage kira

  • i love his videos and i have a question did yall brake up

  • Is the snake still there

  • Odd1sout: NOW I HAVE A REAL ODD2sOUT me:hehhehehe

  • she is fuwy. 0o0

  • ¨WHATS THE MATTER, HUH???? HUUUUH????????????????¨ this guy lmfao

  • The joke at 3:45 caught me off guard, good one!

  • But you the odd one out

  • TheOdd1sOut : my girlfriend is kinda odd Also him:my name literally has Odd in it. Me: Does that mean that she is a normal person?

  • James your my greatest inspiration

  • Is her name really Medusa

  • you know what's also proper etiquette, not having a snake in your freezer


  • While snakes can't feel love like a dog or cat they do still get those happy chemicals. Seeing a snake be content and satisfied with life is a very interesting thing. Also they very much can learn tricks like a dog. Kinda- it's a bit different but it's the same concept. They're just slightly less intelligent noodle puppies.