I FOUND My Lost MOM on a DATING APP... She Has a New Boyfriend

Birt 6 júl 2021

After Chad Wild Clay made "HELP US STOP HACKERS in ROBLOX - SPY NINJAS vs Project Zorgo-", Vy Qwaint created "HOW TO Escape the Force Field Hackers Put Around the Safe House in Roblox?", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "WE FOUND REAL LIFE HACKERS Trying To Hack Roblox and Steal Accounts", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "Which ISprofilers are Best at ROBLOX to Help Us Battle Hackers!", the Spy Ninjas have gotten access to Project Zorgo's secret private server inside of Roblox! Using all their skills to create a virtual safe house inside the world, the Spy Ninjas finally have a way to disrupt the evil plans Peters and his hackers have for all the Roblox players all over the world! They want to delete everyone's account, so it's up to the Spy Ninjas to put a stop to them, however, they can. With the new digital safe house established, can the Spy Ninjas manage their way to the black pyramid to stop Project Zorgo? Will their virtual attempts stop the real-world problems? Will Project Zorgo retaliate even worse? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!

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  • Spy Ninjas, I need your help finding my mom. If you know anything, please comment below...

  • Let's see the note

  • Yes me to I hope she is ok

  • we sub to ms gizmo

  • I think the crepe Gie still your life owae😭

  • Hi

  • Hi daniel im a beg fan and i im going tu go tu tha sefe haus dont ueri in not a pz meber i dont no uen bat im going mabi en cresmes.

  • The at the address to Daniel‘s mom Daddy who threw it out

  • Daniel know you’re in the creepy Myers truck which is agent peters

  • I think I know there’s a creepy in Myers is agent peters

  • I am a big fan

  • OMG Daniel is in danger

  • When Melvin said mama I was going to laugh

  • Is this a vacation or just finding his mom?

  • She was saying u have a now daddy

  • The Uber driver I think was the creepy guy

  • That red shirt the Uber is the creepy admirer

  • The boyfriend is admirer repliy and say abc if you agreee

  • The creepy man who write with charm Daniel look out hurry

  • Agant paters sead a friend right that's your mom

  • I laugh so hard at 1:24 mama 😂😂😂😂

  • It's soo funny how Regina says... a little bit bit of this and a little bit of that

  • I hope you find you mom Daniel

  • the secret admirer lowkey sounds like agent peters

  • Shelly s also not Covid ago McHale H fire SheI retired six office gist data tight half give Corso dates guides Candy cystic

  • MAMA

  • I’m so sorry 😐 for your loss

  • No offense Daniel but the last time we went to New JerseYou lost your dog find a trip to New Jersey bring the sponges with you and find your mom I believe in Daniel my sister thinks you guys are thinking

  • And be careful Daniel

  • Agents Peters take your mom away

  • i found him in roblox

  • You

  • The paper fell out of the car

  • 1#35

  • I’m happy you hacking into one I’m in Parker and I am getting parkour antique do you stocking me in Roblox I say he’s talking to me Roblox I’m doing a parkour and one and he he

  • Y

  • Regina the project project zorgo the leader is it boyfriend

    • Project zorgo little is boyfriend boyfriend

  • I hope you find your mom Daniel help you be OK in new Jerseys

  • hi

  • It’s not your you your mum is Billy is is in Meyer she is your day going if they say play Roblox room ma’am Sam

  • Haha The funniest Melvin said mama

  • Go to the park I asked your mum to go there on the comments

  • Daniel's in trouble he got taken by the secret admirer

  • I live at New Jersey

  • Be hind you

  • The a paper on the floor

  • I found my lost mom abb she had a new boyfriend

  • I found my lost mom on a date ayy

  • Daniel in the Cooper in Mario

  • I miss you 10 of the firemen guys I’m a big fan of the slime

  • he throo papera out of the window

  • Don't be sad Daniel don't cry I hope the spy ninjas love you in a comment sent you some love and fun your mama is

  • Guys do you have a video that shows Daniel mom

  • 4

  • I found your mom Daniel

  • The creepy admirer dropped the addres Melvin notice

  • He dropped the address

  • Daniel Love you ❤😍

  • Yes

  • Whfudhdus82yryuwudhsg28dhxhchchxhchxhdhdhxhxhxhxhxssussi9eieueududddhcxhdiseueudueuee8wwcudxudxusssus7dsud7cduwsuwudwwuwuwwuduswuwwwwuwuwwiwudducdududeudecrjfurc2jcwjcw7c2iifnfjrhdeh😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • she is in vegas in your favourite store

  • Daniel the location on mama's mo is new jersey i am a spy ninja van and i going to daniel mom

  • Kalea

  • the meyer is the uber !!!!!!!!


  • i think daniels mom was about to say you are going to have a new dad

  • Hey Chad he and Regina and Melvin if you let him go there the house will not be protective and someone will go in your house and Daniel you’re my most favorite spy ninja then tag then Melvin then we in Regina all of you I like your videos keep it up

  • no

  • If he finds Douglas he will find his mom bc finding Douglas is hard

  • Daniel gizmo I know address is 42 Foals Drive.

  • FAITH??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • danial if you are in the car the creepy guy is there

  • mom

  • Daniel. No. look. That’. Hair

  • Look in new girjis


  • Hi

  • Its agent peters

  • ,,,

  • 39 1 30 58

  • I think the safe code is 1 29 26 30

  • Wow

  • omg omg I friended you guys on Roblox all you guys need to do is look at you guises request and I’ll be one of your friends all of you guys OMG😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Don't be sad Daniel i like you for who you are😚😚

  • No it is right behind you where where Daniel’s mum location is is behind you

  • Wow

  • Ms gizmo has a bf but that is a pz menber she do not know help ms gizmo

  • He is the Secret in Meyer

  • I live in jersey

  • The admire guy tricked ur mom and is pretending to date her watch ur moms vid

  • You have no clue 🕵️‍♂️ I am

  • Let's mama

  • Wait she dropped the note

  • Daniel gizmo did you tell the spy ninjas that you have a sister

  • 38873 irjdjdii

  • Spy Nnjas the boys and all the park and girls are in the sitting 🪑 lol I just woke

  • Spy Nnjas mommy yes baby baby princess love you bye love you

  • 😱😖

  • How did your mom even get lost

  • I loved u