Who Keeps Ditching Supercars in the Desert?

Birt 25 jan 2021
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Something strange is happening in Dubai. The desert oasis is home to some of the most extravagant architecture, people and CARS in the world. But someone is abandoning their cars in the desert, sometimes with the keys still in the ignition Who is responsible? Wealthy Sheikhs? Rich kids? Or is something else going on? We’re gonna find out.
Thanks to Rohan Robert for sharing some of his footage with us! Link to his channel:
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  • Cars: I don't like sand. It's rough, coarse and irritating. And it gets everywhere.

  • cool!!!

  • Rockin shirt Pham

  • Gluttony is a sin.

  • Now there is a 5% tax in U.A.E.

  • You got a like for your dream car selection/colour :)

  • Want to have an excuse car in Dubai Get an Audi 80

  • So you have non skip able adds on a sponsored video. Im not subscribing im going to click on the don't recommend this channel again button!!

  • This guy makes 90 million a year? Wtf

  • why are we watching this when we all know we cant even afford the ticket to Dubai, let alone a battered super car😂

  • I know where I'm going on vacation

  • 9 year olds “yo a lambooo” me “yo is that an r34 sheeeeeesh”

  • Mom can we go to this desert in dubai

  • The Oil Rich 🤑

  • My name is Sheik Abudulah Mohamed Bin Kahleb Molab Kulah Hulah Zulah the Third. I always dumb all my supercars in the desert as I prefer to ride camels.

  • I got an add from baskin robins right after he said it

  • So the answer is Covid. Wow. 12 Minutes of my life wasted. What a crappy video

  • Looks like I am going hunting

  • They like the cars in Dubai, but instead of doing those loans, they need to stick to paying cash for the cars this way people would go for economical cars unless they have the cash to buy expensive (Meaning more expensive than Tesla Model X with all options checked).

  • Expats as in Expatriots always amazes me because it simply means immigrant just that usually they are not dark skinned or poor and do literally take the best out of the country they choose to settle in whilst giving the least

  • This breaks my hearth and crushed my dreams


  • 5:59 OOOOHHHHH so THAT'S why Jews and Arabs don't get along!... Mind blown.

  • 5:16 RIP lambo ????-2018

  • 1million ??? prolly brought them for like 50k lol

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  • 03:23 Americans are immigrants , yall are guests here ... don’t claim ur native

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  • did this man just say he makes 90 mil a year????

  • this makes me mad

  • If i had ditch mine cause i didn t care

  • This pisses me off because it just ruins the car for other people. Rich people suck

  • I love that dead t-shirt

  • maybe its mrbeast because he hs a ton of money an can buy all these cars

  • seeing those supercars ditched hurt me physically

  • They rent them and do illegal shit, then leave them there to rot

  • But who doesn't kno this already tho

  • I knew this was dubai

  • If I hit the lottery why would I buy a $25k ferarri lol, that's less than I spent on my car on a non-millionaire salary :P

  • 10:25 "Light bodywork" shows a G Wagon that is totally sideways mangled. LMAO

  • All y’all saying ima go steal the car, if you get caught stealing hand cut

  • Uh, a $90,000,000 yearly salary? Like that’s somewhat normal.

  • I love how the police take them and use them for law enforcement.

  • Car : Where do you take my owner? Police : We just gonna talk to him for a moment Car : Years later where is my owner? Police : What are you talking about...

  • Probably just mr beast preparing for a video

  • And I can’t buy ps5

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  • Ok. If I want a supercar, go to Dubai and roam the desert with a hotwire kit. Got it.

  • sickening

  • Anyone can be a millionaire if you sell these with enough experience you can make even more

  • Mr. Donut glad I joined BTW what's your name I especially liked your SUPERCAR segment $25,000 for a two hundred thousand FERRARI chic magnet thanks BTW I'm Charlie TTUL?

  • Intro, ad, another intro, intro video, more intro. Just get to it man

  • That GTR 😨😨😡

  • whats the chevy car at 9:23

  • Unless you have more money it will be hell there! More than 90% of the jobs are physical labour jobs where you won't get paid easily and you will be exploited and your passport locked away with some one else. so if you work for smaller jobs you are fkd. But If you have more money to spend it will be a great place!

  • do you really make 90 million a year?

    • @lol should have known

    • No that was just a joke

  • i know a dude that bought a new lambo for like 200 bucks man

    • @lol just playing. imagine though if that were true. normal schmo's like myself could have a collection

    • Whaaat? No way

  • Those Raycons are the real deal.

  • Lots of holes in the desert....

  • Yeah it’s Crazy there, we struggled while living in one of the best places in Dubai and living the best life to having to move because of scams on our parents company

  • I really like your shirt

  • 4:48 محمد بن قحطاني

  • A moment of silence for all the gullible people that spent a single dollar on Raycons!

  • Bruh during lockdown I lost my job and I moved to Wales with my super car lol

  • Isis rich kids do

    • Not all Muslims are terrorists 🙄

  • Man...seeing that Audi R8 all f*cked up hurts.

  • Rich brats that’s who

  • so its because of primitive laws

  • X wants to know your location

  • Toooo much money and you don’t really want one of those.......those high end performance parts and body panels drive train components don’t do well when exposed to the elements . Those types of vehicles need to be garaged or at least need to be covered in a temperate climate with mild humidity like northern Texas or Southern California.

  • Damn...you make $90 mil a year??

    • No he doesn't that was just a joke

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    • It said 90 million but it was just a joke

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  • Ah sharia law. Yah wont see many women vacationing in dubai.

    • SIVA is that you?. Give me back my iron lords please rasputin

  • I keep seeing mclaren and porches on the road a lot it’s just so common

  • "going to prison" Uh, doesn't Sharia administer the punishment of amputating a hand for theft? Yeah, no wonder people leave their cars there and leave.

  • What do you expect? They have money from oil and act huge, until the payment comes and they’re too rich to afford it.

  • I just want to buy all of those abandoned cars

  • I’m def just gonna grind some boring life and try to make it on Wall Street just to life in Dubai

  • hmmm tasty salvage

  • 30,000 AED isn’t the same as 30,000 dollars.

  • First thing I did after hearing the raycon riff, was learn it.

  • 9:22 wtf is a Holden doing all the way in dubai as a fking police car??? XD

  • U make 90m a year 😂

  • Ads = thumbs down.

  • My dad was stationed in Kuwait n he told me dudes were so rich that one time they ran out of gas and instead of coming back for it they straight up left it on the side of the road. So insane.

  • The r34 cut my heart open

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  • Small flex for saying you make 90 mill a year

  • Imagine if they didn’t have any oil

  • Sharia law has got nothing to do with that idiot. Dubai gives you opportunities but it does not tell to buy what you can not afford just to impress your girlfriend. Careful and wise investors still have their work.

  • 10:28 I'm not buying dead man's car no matter how bad I want Benz

  • I hope there is a massive volcanic eruption wipes out everyone in Europe,Dubai, and America.... we will be very happy. I dont' care if I go in the process because now the most toxic people exist in those places.

  • Can’t people just go there and take valuable parts and sell them? Seems like a nice way to make money

  • That’s probably the dopest shirt I have ever seen!

  • How is your yearly sallery 90 mill