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Birt 24 ágú 2020
I Paid for Anything My Friends Sculpted Out Of Clay
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  • Subscribe and I might let you sculpt something.. then I'll buy it for you :)

  • *Sculpts a cheesecake*

  • I would make a dog or a reptile to be my pet

  • Me: *Sculpts husbando Hanako- kun*

  • me whold sculpt a horses

  • Viv needs to sculpt a new pair teeth lol

  • viv is better

  • So cool

  • I spent 30 minutes on this

  • Pinoy

  • I like this kind of artshow

  • Sculpt a house

  • to be honest i think viv should of won


  • I would sculpt you is that possible?

  • Congratulations to everyone who is early and found this Comment”🏆

  • Did you see my comment?

  • hii edit : bye

  • Me : sculpts sneakers 👟

  • This is nike air mag

  • I would sculpt $100,000

  • Me: Sculps my dead dog 🐕

  • These are such cool sculptures!

  • I love zhc

  • Done and i love your videos

  • done oi did it

  • Me : sculptes lambo mechell: sculpt a chocolate bar Zack when camera goes of : a jeep !!! Are u stupid now if u win if got to get u a jeep uhh ! Do have to do everything

  • :o

  • Hi

  • Jess only makes sneakers But ily her

  • ZHC your the helpful person i am a big big fan but I cant meet u guys because I am in India

  • hi I don’t know how to

  • OMG! that was bailey from team rar!!!

  • Congratulations to 20 million subscribers 🎉

  • Can i pls have a normal switch with space

  • I hate zhc Viv should have won 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • I have an iphone 6s ... replace mine please 🥺

  • Clay: am i built to build this Us: yessir

  • I need someone to do a Lamborghini

  • Hi zhc I love your videos and your drawings and your paintings to you are the best artist

  • Me : sculpts a lomborgini 😍😍

  • cool

  • R are the ih I have been

  • Michele sry if I spelt ur name wrong but her face is very neon in this video

  • I ❤️ this video❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀💕

  • Viv is very cute

  • Nobody loves Jordan 1s more than Jazz

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I know I am watching this late but you will do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I honestly think Viv should have won. She had way more detailed stuff.

  • I want something too B)

  • Viv

  • Omg I saw u at Santa Monica I saw Michelle driving and Zhc next to Michelle and jaz or Viv in the the back u were with the moon car omg I love u guys bye I hope I see u again there

  • Hope all you have a great day if I get a quite lit of money I'll give it away

  • Satisfying 😍

  • 90:24

  • The misty finger feasibly attend because tugboat intraorally calculate regarding a possible epoxy. gorgeous, fat faulty appendix

  • the best artist

  • U just click baited us

  • I drew turkey on my phone does that count????????? Can I get a turkey??

  • losers

  • The murky soap neurochemically push because command regionally whine unlike a rustic tachometer. hungry, lying quotation

  • No way really

  • I So sad when McKenzie id not there Becuse McKenzie always do the best thing😭

  • lol

  • Team jaz

  • Can you stop clickbaiting

  • I can’t win this challenges because i am terrible at drawing

  • I would sculpt a brain for ma self

  • I love zach and his ZHC Fam I hope that they became successful and we’ll give a lots of love and support to them Love you guys

  • Five Packs of Dream

  • I swear my house could fit in his pool -_-

  • "Whatever You Sculpt, I'll Pay For' *Sculpts a large group of children" Ah free labor

  • viv is so sweet

  • I always vote for viv but she does not win

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  • Czzv7$

  • Not trying to be mean but he only did one shoe and viv did way more and she did not win

  • Me: sculps my dad

  • When Viv said burger it sound like borger

  • Zach: Sculpt anything. Me : anything? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • I'm a big fan, but I never got anything, and I'm from Angola, and I'm black

  • do Nathan DOan comedy

  • I subscribed

  • I would of made an axalotoil

  • Jonny is so cute ☺️

  • Lol

  • Zhc

  • Jazz and her shoes lol

  • he didnt bring kenz cause she will win

  • A house

  • ZHC i have aways wanted to have an ipad mini or pro i live in mimphis i have always wanted 1 and i sub to you and i follow youu on tiktok i have always wanted a give away and on my tiktok i have always wanted to be famus on tiktok but no 1 likes to follow me and i have always wanted to be in your videos but we are to faraway and i want merch but my mom ses it is to exispiciv but i under stand if you do not want to come to mimphis but i lovveeee your videos i have been working hard on testes and school and i am 8

  • Can u send me 10,000,000,000 like you do all people

  • “Whatever you sculpt, I’ll pay for” Me: **sculps MacBook, iPhone 11, and a Tesla**

  • Money waster

  • hi zhc

  • So who won

  • Are you rich?

  • I’m sayin it again he’s little mister beastttttt

  • Viv's was better tho...