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Birt 9 feb 2021
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  • I like how the name progressively got farther and farther from what they originally were

  • Ian was killing it in charades

  • 🙋‍♀️

  • I see people still can't move past PewDiePies mistakes lmao

  • anyone know why in the subtitles jimmy’s name is PUMPKIN???!?

  • Tommy is an animal at this game

  • Frontkensteins was the best name for team front ppl

  • Captions anytime Kimmy does something pumpkin did this..... and then instead of I like your peepee dance it says I Iike your pumpkin dance

  • 4:35 wait what was the answer

  • MVP: Courtney

  • Courtney: If you don't click on one of these two videos, you'll wake up in the middle of the night to spoOOoooky sounds in your room! Me: *already waking up randomly at 1am these last two nights, and now has to go to bed*

  • cringe

  • I wish Anthony was in this video

  • i cannot be the only one that saw the subtitles call mommy lady in grey..????? dafuq. put some respect on her name

  • apology video was so good hahaha


  • I M I S S T H E O L D S M O S H

  • The amount of times they say Keem star or James Charles 😂

  • It’s very strange for a Smosh video to only have 800 comments

  • First round Ify got 30 extra seconds...?

  • Mr beast watching this like: 👁️💧👄💧👁️

  • Ok this game I literally did in my history class today with vocabulary words what the actual heck bro

  • Tf is taboo? 😂

  • My family loves playing this game but we call it salad bowl and we pick a letter for all the words to start with instead of a category

  • Hey Tommy! I have a permanent retainer too!

  • I don't get all the hype over pewdiepie either.

  • James Charles intro with hi sisters

  • frontos, frontculas, frontkenstien but most importantly- friends

  • MAKE SURE YOU GET A NEW WIRE/RETAINER OR YOUR TEETH MOVE BACK. ps fun fact, did you know your teeth always move?

  • This video is up there in "Kimmy's wholesome moments"

  • the captions keep calling kimmy pumpkin and it’s sending me

  • i wonder why Ify doesn’t like pewdiepie when he says it @7:04 I was like and I oop 😳

  • Kimmy freaking out is me when I'm taking a timed test, playing timed games, and basically anything and everything else

  • This is a Great Video.

  • 0:26 *ISprofiler s**ittttttttt*

  • I know your pain Tommy. I know your pain.

  • Every time I look at Ify I just go back to “I’m gonna blow your brains out” on What’re Those. Unparalleled moment

  • Why is Kimmy called pumpkin in the subtitles 😂 And at 4:54 lady in grey 😂😂 Ah, 7:28 was the origin of pumpkin lol

  • I like how everyone now identifies Mr Beast by him having no upper lip

  • Courtney's the OP guesser.

  • thankyou ian for putting the cards in their respective piles when they would put the pass ones with the correct ones it would drive me insane

  • was fully expecting ify to be a real dad about it but he actually bodied it

  • Ok I want courts pants they cuteeeee she look sooo good

  • Pumpkin and Kourtney

  • Mr beast has no top lip 😂😂😂

  • Alternate Title: Ian and Courtney Share One Mind.

  • ISprofiler s*** (Everyone) *Cheers*

  • 7:25 the moment Jimmy Kiminez became Pumpkin

  • Where Shan

  • Ian reminds me of a cringey version of my uncle

  • Just wanna say the add before was wynonna Ryder giving Edward scissor hand’s son, Edgar, a self driving car and I thought everyone should know

  • Did Courtney edit this video? Lol And no, I don't mean that in a mean way! I just thought the text sounded like her!. Haha

  • I love this game!

  • Court

  • Damien saying wattpad has me worried hes seen my fics if hes been on there lmao xD

  • *sigh* "Apology video!"

  • Smosh did and entire video about Mr Beast but NOW Ian is like wE'Re GonNa gEt iN tRouBle?

  • Somebody please leave an Ian x Ify fanfiction here. Thank you.

  • Kimmy mvp of this video. Shes the best

  • Pewdiepie is the shit

  • Kimmy and Damien 😏

  • Jimmy is the greatest dude he'll probably just laugh, Ian's reaction though 😂😂

  • I appreciate Damien making a Scott Pilgrim joke


  • doesnt.... like.... pewdiepie.... thats ok i can forgive that :)

  • Kimmie is the most precious person.

  • i love that the subtitles have Courtney’s name as “Kourtney” LMAO

  • I hope Mr Beast sees this and then gives them all cars to make them feel bad

  • Imagine if Mr.Beast comments on this

  • This was an amazing video. It was full of great moments and content. I just couldn't take my eyes off, not even read comments as per usual 😄

  • Can anyone explain the Mr Beast thing? I don't get what they said about his lip.

  • This was fun....

  • Me: clicks vid Me: Sees Shayne isn't in it Me: Clicks off

  • Anyone else feel like Shayne is appearing in less and less videos?

  • You guys should play kings free

  • Your the funniest ☺️☺️☺️

  • Kimmy is the most relatable I love her

  • I love playing Fishbowl with my friends, too, Courtney. P.S. Tommy and Ian had the roast today.😂😂😂

  • Anything even remotely like charades and you know Courtney will kill it

  • damien with the guys and dolls reference im pissing myself

  • Where is Anthony

  • I loved watching this so much that my family and I played that a few times for game night xD

  • bless kimmy’s heart...

  • When tommy tried to play off failed fist bump with courtney 19:38

  • yo idfk howww ian understood and actually got the answer when courtney just sighed omg

  • Can you plz do try not to laugh

  • How you gonna do my man jimmy like that🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ he has a top lip somewhere he just hasn’t found it yet🤷🏻‍♀️

  • kimmy is literally me

  • okay so when tommy was talking about Mr.beast the honey ad with him poped up

  • Kimmy and Courtney are so adorable!

  • tag yourself for who you are on a daily basis, I'm Kimmy

  • I really ship Courtney and kimmy😳

  • Poor Kimmy, she gets an A for effort

  • Where is Shayne? He been missing the recent videos?

  • tommy says he doesn’t like pewdiepie and proceeds to draw him in every round

  • Hey Sarah whittle was on the price is right today, I was really surprised

  • You've got to play Monikers again after this, it was just so good on Stream.

  • Kinda hoped that Achievement Hunter was in there and Ify drew it

  • damien daddy

  • Which one of you lucky ladies is turning 20:48?