Drunk Painting from Memory

Birt 7 feb 2021
We got drunk and attempted to paint iconic artworks from memory
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♫“Eternity” Instrumental by Homage♫

Video Edited By ⇨ prezoh


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    • Chad you need to get the tightest perm possible

    • My google went off when anythingforviews asked what pikachu eyes colors are. It scared the shit out of me

    • Please

    • 08:38 cosmic horror trollface

    • Yooooo I think you guys found a new series for the show this is hilarious af I could not stop laughing though out the video you guys are doing great keep up the great work


  • i like chad's mona lisa tat for obvious reasons

  • "susan waljunky wont like it" LMAO

  • Most boring video you’ve done

  • Just bout the journey-Mozart

  • Trolls don’t have cocks. Susan wilgunky doesn’t like them

  • “No one this ugly could be evil” lmaooo. I love the Angel troll face

  • Surprised that Max is actually pretty good at painting. I love Chad’s pikachu tho lol

  • Chad’s Mona Lisa is my favorite, what a friendly ogre

  • What the hell?

  • Max’s Pikachu got Roger’s legs from American Dad

  • The fact max opens up so many Pokémon cards and he forgot to put a tail on his pikachu lol

  • chad.

  • Sell these designs on shirts and sweatshirts

  • i would legit hang that trollface painting in my house

  • Aww I thought you we're gonna make a T-shirt design based off of the paintings they did, because I would definitely buy a Max Trollface Hoodie, or a Chad Portrait Shirt.

  • "We're modern day Mozart" Mozart: a Composer.

  • max is so fucked

  • i like how max keeps saying you cant mix wet paint with wet paint when bob ross specifically used the wet on wet paint technique for 98 percent of his paintings haha

  • you could put all of chads drawings in a slideshow titled "psych ward paintings" and id believe it

  • School teacher thighs 😂😂😂

  • Chad's Pikachu looks like he did meth💀

  • Why did Chads troll face look like a Basquiat painting 😂😂😂😂👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • Just got done drunk binging all your videos!! Guess im gonna have to sell my soul for a patreon subscription 😂👌🏼🙏🏼

  • It does look like lil dicky

  • Love that the first target for paint was eachother and not the canvas.

  • Life is like a paintbrush, it can kill you with one stroke

  • just havin a crack

  • Bworp



  • pikacrackhead

  • Can we buy these paintings?

  • 8:38 jesus fucking christ

  • wait why is max kinda good

  • Good work prezzoh

  • Chads troll looks like a Basquait piece lol

  • I thought chad said “I feel like im at school again doing crack” 😂

  • everyday i get a reason to love max even more and im very happy, and thank you chad for being a wonderful person, and thank you prezoh for your extremely epic editing

  • 8:02

  • Max’s pikachu with no tail and diabetes feet kills me

  • They aren't Bob Ross. They are Bob Gross

  • Yo max and chad should sell these pieces they’re actually good af

  • DONT search "sharp knife" in latvian, WORST mistake of my life !!

  • DONT search "sharp knife" in latvian, WORST mistake of my life !!

  • Guess where I have a toothbrush right now

  • I like your paintings. They seem pretty autistic....i mean artistic.

  • 7:04 Scott: What the fuck you guys are artists. Chad: What can we say we’re modern day Mozart. ...Bruh.

  • E

  • Jojo reference

  • Looks like the first painting on the left is a portrait of muscle man from regular show

  • how do I join a gange?

  • Lmao yeeeaa Max representing the Art crew. 🎨

  • Where’s pikachus tail

  • They really missed an opportunity to paint cucumber Joe here

  • Chads trollface looks straight out of Ren and Stimpy

  • Max won all

  • Blows my mind people like these guys can exist and make a more than comfortable living off of hanging out and having fun. It's such beautiful Era we live in

  • My google just started telling me about pikachu

  • My google went off when he asked what colour his eyes were lol

  • Can you please make Chad’s pikachu on a shirt

  • Life is like a paintbrush lol

  • Did you guys get enough likes to be free from the video?

  • wow max has some gr8 artistic skillz

  • You know if a famous abstract artist painted that troll face chad painted it would probably fetch a few million at an auction 😂

  • I would like to see max sober painting

  • Fuck off! Chad so won that last round. His painting was spot on. If Max is missed all the unique looks of chad. Where chad actually painted max's features

  • "I was going for the painting - that would tell the paint- i tried my best" -Max 3:40

  • Where can I buy these

  • 6:49 Basquiat VS Pollock

  • school teacher thighs

  • Max actually has some talent in his hands

  • ¨Gage¨🤣

  • Chad set off my google home

  • 5:21 lol 😆

  • My names gage

  • Max paints better as he drinks

  • Wasn't Chad a painter before doing youtube?

  • The Mexican Moefoe painting looks like a really obscure indie band album cover

  • 5:49 my google home activated and answered in my bathroom. Wow

  • Max is actually really good at painting, if he can paint that in 30 minutes he could probably paint a legitimately decent piece of art if he had more time :o

  • Lmaooooooooo the disney channel at the end killed me

  • may he rest his piece

  • Looking at Chad's "troll face" I haven't laughed this hard since I was a kid. I legit cried of laughter.

  • I thought these guys were Canadian

  • Chad's Pikachu has seen some shit, or Ash has done some shit to it lmao

  • You went to school? :o

  • When it's 3:30 am and Google starts shouting the colour of Pikachu's eyes, thanks guys 😅

  • Chad’s art is reminiscent of Charlie Kelly’s paintings

  • Scott sucks and Scott had no idea how much I feel the hate between them all

  • The arrogant dead canonically punish because flugelhorn gully lick into a husky giraffe. scared, silky virgo

  • *gange*

  • The real troll face is the friends we made along the way

  • I have that same jigger

  • Chads paintings are the same as Schizophrenic prisoners.

  • Draws orange line on his painting on forehead and slurs out ssssiimbaaa lol

  • Little did Chad know that troll face would in fact make a come back

  • Max’s whole ISprofile presence for the last 3 years has been Pokemon, and he lost the Pikachu painting thing to Chad what a chump