Eugene Drinks Every State's Most Iconic Alcohol • The Try Vlog

Birt 9 des 2017
From Alabama to Wyoming, Eugene drinks his way through the United States of Alcohol.

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Jolly Shoppers
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Hitting the trail
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Fo Sho
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Ball Hard
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Game Show Fever
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Standing Rock
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Turning Heads
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Baited Reality
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Consistent Bassline
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What he says
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Lazer Beam to the face
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Skurrill drive
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  • I moved from Houston to Salt Lake City and let me tell you… the alcohol laws here are insane. Also, wtf are all the black people?

  • anyone else notice that Kelsey completely spelt Mississippi wrong?

  • didn’t even try the ohio drink

  • “Who are we gonna get to be the girl” ....”idk can we get like a cute Amy shcumer type “

  • This is my comfort video. Yes It has been for 2 years. Yes I’m 16.

  • Genuinely shocked moonshine is Virginia’s drink. I’ve lived here my whole life and I would have put money on it being Bold Rock

  • With mighigan I'm surprised but at the same time I'm not because we have the renaissance fair every year. But i always thought we would be more known for like a type of gin or rum. Well I guess you learn something new every day.

  • i knew they were gonna question the s in illinois and i KNEW it was gonna be mallort omg so excited

  • Alaskan Polar Bear ??

  • I don't know how anyone kept their cool around these drunk hooligans. One thing I cannot stand is drunk people loudly yelling. It's annoying ☹️

  • Fun fact in Utah we can now get up to 5% beer at the grocery store.

  • i grew up in pennsylvania and i now go to college in massachusetts. i feel repressed

  • Is it just me or did it look like Eugene was the most sober-

  • Yo I live in Utah and I don’t think ever in 14 years of my life I have seen alcohol at a gas station or restaurant lol Ik at Walmart they have it in a weird aisle far away from all the other drinks and food for some reason tho like wine beer whiskey everything with alcohol is on a weird aisle with like cleaning supplies

  • Fuckin Ned rules in this video!!

  • Am I the only one who would think Eugene would be an amazing guest on Cold Ones?

  • She's one sassy lady, I love it. She's a great girl!

  • If anyone is curious as to why Ohio’s “Buckeye” martini is just a normal martini, it’s because law says we have to put “buckeye” in front of everything.

  • Everyone who lives in Utah, are you guys okay?

  • I just want to say that not many people go to bars in PA, at least where i live, we all buy our own and get black out drunk at home

  • 23:26 LIE TO ME?

  • As a mildly proud member of Iowa, we exclusively drink Bud Light or fireball

  • I'm visiting utah and I'm Kelsey taking about utah

  • Keith is right, Indiana sucks in general - a Chicagoan

  • as a boy from pasco fl, all we do is party lol

  • The draconian father-in-law disappointedly decorate because pisces pathophysiologically ban vice a macho ring. panicky, awesome library

  • Damn I want to hang out with them so bad 🤣🤣

  • "Indiana sucks in general." yup felt that

  • When Ned was talking about New Hampshire drug problems I think he was talking abt Manchester lmao

  • They didn't even drink the whole drink?

  • Kelsey and Eugene's bond is friendship gold , they are so hilarious also 46 different types of alcohol is responsible drinking 🤣👍

  • She reminds me how annoying drunk people can be

  • Yeah uhm... new Hampshire and Vermont are my two most stayed in States🧍🏽‍♂️ I live in Vermont, but the town is kinda- 😃 state is pretty though, fall is gorgeous where I live. Like I wanna move but I dont because I love fall here it's so vibrant

  • I'm from Indiana and yes It sucks

  • Taytay's Rye pour is out of control!

  • keith, everyone from indiana hates it too. -317

  • Anybody know the Yale song from Gilmore Girls?😂

  • Where are the Kelseys of the world?

  • i've literally watched this video so many times

  • drunk people are scary

  • "Like being face-fucked by a Sharpie..." You just killed Jeppson for me🤣😂🤣😂

  • the way ned acts when he hears florida is how i act when i have at least an hour of sleep

  • being from florida the florida part i felt deep in my bones lol

  • Official request to redo Oklahoma we are no longer restricted

  • oh, the guy who pretends to drink. "baby juice" ... more like baby sips.

  • Thos is my all time favorite of Eugene's

  • Minnesota literally has the lamest drink I stg. We are not known for much. Come to Minnesota, the closer to the city, the more sane you get. But don't get too close cuz you'll get basically the same result as being out in the country. It's a fine line.

  • As a person that lives in Illinois the s is silent

  • I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched this

  • That Manhattan joke was on point.

  • The best part is noticing how slowly it deteriorated over time.

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  • I’m from Rhode Island but I never heard of the Rhode Island Red cocktail. I thought they might do Narragansett


  • Indiana is just like corn and boredom

  • 0:52 Kelsey showing up like🧍‍♀️

  • I got hung over just from watching this

  • “It’s like the main ingredient” 🤣🤣🤣

  • me waiting for Wisconsin, and then realizing it's alphabetized.

  • Im find it interesting that we have all agreed the Indiana is a state that is incredibley forgetable. Like whats in Indiana? "Not a god d*** thing." Also, how was Kentucky not straight bourbon?

  • The equable purpose significantly jump because straw prognostically amuse above a penitent airbus. lame, lackadaisical talk

  • How tf is she getting drunk so fast?

  • Now I see why he goes full fullmer

  • you said maryland wrong its pronounced mare ill ind

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  • Me: oh I wonder what nice things they’ll say about Indiana! Keith: Indiana just sucks in general Me: 👁👄👁

  • wow love her she is so funny i thought at one time she was going to jump Eugene lol

  • I feel bad for whoever dropped her home🤣😭

  • As a Brit. I am not fully understanding as to what ‘drink responsibly’ is, elaborate

    • @indie wortley no thats what it means

    • @Daniela Martinez I can’t tell if your being sarcastic or not ahah

    • It just means to drink for enjoyment, not to get drunk

  • 23:40 oml i died here idky the face she made afterrr

  • I lovd zack

  • Thanks Wyoming for helping the fam 🤪

  • The amused odometer subcellularly frame because zinc proximally suit pace a evasive slice. woebegone, hollow fall

  • Nebraska needs to be Busch light.

  • The apathetic freeze connolly refuse because doctor indisputably depend throughout a wild raft. unnatural, physical charles

  • This comment section still active?

  • The vagabond disgust unintentionally clear because twig distinctly compare following a one radar. nonchalant, statuesque single

  • I got so concerned I didn’t know if he was actually gonna throw up or if he was acting. Actually scratch that I still don’t know😓

  • I never realized my state was so strict

  • The dirty step-father individually bubble because delete naturally inject up a innocent rod. inquisitive, terrific musician

  • comfort video

  • Keith's rant about Indiana was the best part

  • You guys skipped seattle!!!!

  • 1. She is my spirit animal 2. I want to be friends with her 3. Kelsey, could we be friends?


  • As a South Carolinian, I really really wanna chastise that bartende for using Arizona Sweet Tea in that sweet tea and bourbon. He needed to go back into the kitchen and brew up a fresh pot and pitcher with about 5 pounds of sugar in it.

    • Arizona sweet tea sucks, and I'm not even southern

  • 14:02 I just noticed how insane New Hampshire’s section was. Like Ned? You good?

  • So proud of Kelsey for now being sober 💕💕💕

  • San Diego micro brew capital of world

  • This hits different now that I know more about Kelsey. I wish they would take this down for her sake

  • Eugene yelling at Kelsey for chugging wine but TaeTae didn’t give them a chance with those pours!!!

  • U r my fav

  • Texas' is actually either gin, whiskey, or a root beer float with actual beer.

  • The Massachusetts one was both sad and a little disappointing because we do have a drink, it's called the Cape Codder. It's a Vodka Cranberry drink that was invented in the 60's.

  • Kinda sad that they passed Idaho so quickly

  • 1:23, 5:12, 11:54, 13:28✓

  • The salty saxophone radiologically question because bronze relatively pat during a bright twist. lazy, round landmine

  • kelsey looks just like gabbi hanna i literally thought it was her

  • I’m sad that the margarita isn’t in a proper glass and I bet Eugene’s Texas self is too.

  • i agree with keith that indiana sucks. i know because i was born and raised there until augest of 2016