reclaiming power : Dancing with the Devil

Birt 30 mar 2021
“You really find out who’s there for you when the world falls out from under your feet.”
Demi goes to rehab and begins her road to recovery, but with bumps along the way. As she returns to the stage for the first time since her overdose, she needs to find balance in her life.

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Director: Michael D. Ratner
Executive Producers: Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner, Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, Scott Manson, Kfir Goldberg, Miranda Sherman, Andy Mininger
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  • Looks more like full Lovato

  • She took no personal responsibility for her drug abuse, ZERO! She blames her drug dealer, her daddy issues, her friends, family pretty much everybody but the kitchen sink!

  • Yes ppl she got FAT ! FATTER !

  • Never knew disney had a purity ring cult. Smh

  • I wonder if Demi apologized for the negative effects it caused those around her. I would think she’d at least hire them back so they have a job since they’re having a hard time finding jobs because of her decision/mistake.

    • Most of them came back but her older assistants are now working with other celebrities and Demi had to fire everyone because she didn’t know if she’d return to the spotlight to need them back

  • I'm glad that she is owning up to what she did ... and not blaming anyone but her self for her MISTAKES 💯

  • Anyone who dislikes any of this just isn't ready to realize that they need to change there life around. This story hits so many different topics that you can only hate because of your own self lies.

  • Fuming. Having this documentary interrupted by ads to tell me to lose weight, "stay in shape" and "deal with the fat around my belly" using something called VShred? Ummmmm no thanks - @ISprofile @Google DO BETTER. Absolutely shocked by this targeted advertising.

  • Please don’t blame yourself Demi I blamed myself I had abused for years because everywhere I went I would get bullied and I hid it from people my family never even knew when I was fine because one moment I was sweet as pie and the next I was reaching for a knife and it wasn’t heroin it was prescribed but it caused me to be seconds away from dying and I blamed myself I had abused them so bad it drained me I had no emotions at all and I couldn’t talk The worst thing you can do is blame yourself because it’s not your fault everyone sadly goes through trauma and finds something to help them with their pain

  • demi Lovato ayana tell me you love me 👍

  • I wanna be in the buuuussssssss

  • When the interviewer asked if someone ever taught about giving up on her, I think her friends were not being totally honest but her sister was so real, thinking about it doesn't mean you will ever do it, its your blood, you get angry even feel like fighting the person and then you get yourself back together and keep fighting for your loved one...

  • Okay I hate to be the one asking this but you goT assulted while you were filming camp rock and you also said "that person didn't get taken out of the movie they were in" and that means there is basically only one person it can be...Daniel fathers (the person with the accent who played the founder of the camp 'brown')

  • Urge que te den más drogas y termines lo que empezaste queen

  • I've got a channel all about trying to raise true awareness around mental health and I would love for you to take a look Thanks again for the amazing content 💕

  • I can’t believe so many fans would go as far as threatening the people who are closest to her. Fans can be angry, but it’s just cruel to threaten people from that anger. I wish both Demi AND her friends well.💝

  • Demi lofatso

  • demi is like out of control so demi dont do it again please


  • La amoo


  • 11:23 broke my heart 💔

  • i’m confused...when dani says because of someone else’s decision, is she talking about demi?

  • I feel so bad for the trauma Demi’s friends had to go through on account of Demi’s fans. That’s so awful. It is NEVER okay to send death threats or harass someone.

  • The power of the Karen, an Professional victim.



  • “There’s the tea” …oh hun😔

  • Most of y’all in the comments acting all wise now we’re the ones sending messages and hate. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • cant believe i just got a dieting add on a documentary about someone who struggles with eating disorders... youtube plz sort it out

  • Addiction is life or death. Jails institutions and death its serious and its a double edge sword

  • She needs to change those words. “I LOST my virginity in a rape” no. You’re virginity wasn’t lost. It was TAKEN. There’s a difference.

  • Her voice is so beautiful i remember watching the Grammy performance and I cried like a baby she is just so beautiful inside and out she is just so unbelievably amazing and a beautiful soul

  • I wonder if the guy was alot older than her or around the same age

  • Hi guys, I was wondering who sold drugs to demi? she always says "he"

  • Soy la única que debe pagar para verlo???

  • Désolée mais je n'aime pas trop quand son amie dit "avoir payée a cause de la décision d'une autre" pour moi l'overdose de Demi n'étais pas "sa décision" c'était surtout et uniquement une conséquence de son terrible mal être... Elle aurait du formuler la chose d'une autre manière! Bref sa me répugne un peu...

  • Those 2 men are the most solid people in this whole series 🙏

  • The person she lost her virginity to sounds like another Disney celebrity

    • miley cyruse: i lost it selena gomez: i lost it demi lovato: I LOST IT!!!!!!!

  • leeching off of her. I guess deep inside she knows that and that's why she's using, too.

  • Demi being opened about her addiction is what got me as a fan. I feel like she is telling so many of our stories I love you through this

  • “You’re sixteen, how much heartbreak could you have had” UGH.

  • Idc about her flaws she’s beautiful and I would love to be with her and help her recover

  • If only Amy Winehouse had this kind of love and support maybe she will still be here

  • Ohh no Scooter Braun, espero y ella esté bien

  • This is literally so heart breaking, you never know what people are going through.

  • y demi looks different now?

  • I’m rly happy Demi decided to let ppl the truth She’s a true Survivor & a real Fighter ❤️💪🏽

  • 🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹😻😻😻😻😻

  • I've been binge watching these and I'm loving them, but I am SO ANGRY that EVERY. SINGLE. AD that I've seen on this series has been about weight loss.

  • as a recovering addict who has has been SA, have had 12 relapses in 3 years, thank you. thank you for telling the stories that I feel like I can call my own. you are not alone in trying to reclaim power. I have felt so alone. I am getting help. taking a day at a time. Will always stand by you and keep you in my prayers. Thank you Demi. This was not for nothing. because I didn't give in tonight.

  • Most of my Family Should watch this.

  • Sadly I lost my virginity in a similar situation, I even convinced myself that bc I liked the guy that it wasn’t rape and a year after I tried to “date” him bc throughout the day he seemed a great person and bc he acted like it wasn’t wrong I convinced myself he wasn’t doing anything wrong but every time it came to sex, he was very pushy and aggressive... it took me years to call it what it was.. which was rape!!

  • I am so thankful that you are still here to tell your story and to bring awareness you are so strong and it shows

  • I do agree that sometimes fans and people on social media have taken things too far at times. However, the side of the story that didn't get told was Dani going on her Instagram 2 days after Demi's overdose and promoting a dance class she was going to hold, using Demi's song to get people to attend it. To me, yet another example of people around her using her for what she can do for them rather than actually having her best interest at heart.

  • El último capítulo (la entrevista) no está subtitulada, faltan capítulos? Le falta como un cierre Feliz ahre

  • All of us need this type of strength to help us get through the day especially at these times.

  • demi is cookie Karin of 2021

  • Demi todo nuestro apoyo ✊😢 Eres una gran mujer trabajadora y valiente con un gran corazón 😢👏

  • We have to realize stars are humans with the same traumas and tribulations as us just with a bigger bank account and more yes people or people who don’t care about them only themselves hopefully the younger people really HEAR her message ❤️

  • I love her music as a fan myself I can only speak from experience with drugs and friends who looked after me only to look after themselves, and at the same time she was in the public eye she did not want any of her overdose or drug use on camera so her sister and friends did what they could to do what they thought would help and guess what; lesson learned people because they are all paying the price now !! No one helped her by standing next to her and saying nothing and that's what they're trying to say while saying she hurt them too. It took a village to get everyone to agree to there guilt and own up to everything they went through with demi and demi is ok with finally saying that. This documentary is insane and I hope it does help her and those involved in this circus ring

  • I'm rooting for Demi but I really don't understand how Scooter was her only option. Doesn't she see what he's done to Taylor? How could any artist trust him after that? Let alone a woman. Something tells me her relationship with him is going to backfire at some point down the line.

  • Y are you all hating on danios not her fault leave her alone and it’s no body’s fault because alcohol and certain drugs are addicting don’t hate on either of them Also Demi I love your music you are my absolute hero and your music got me through the dark times 💙❤️

  • Please, expose who it was!! They deserve it!!

  • The two things I hate the most from this 1. The fact that Demi’s “fans” spread their assumptions and death threats to someone who was actually innocent in it all. And they never cared that what they were doing is wrong. 2. How damn easy it is for people to get hard drugs. In her last documentary they mentioned her smashing her phone, so she no longer had her drug-dealers contacts. I just hate how easy it is to get those contracts again. And drug-dealers never get done.

  • can't take my eyes off you

  • One thing that I found important to highlight and I hope Demi and her sister Madison has already addressed it personally is that Madison said something like "even if she wasn't my sister, she would be a role model" when in the previous episode(s) Demi has expressed how conflicting and emotionally heavy is the idea of her being a role model.

  • After every OD she has a documentary I feel really bad for what she has been through but every time she slips up there is a huge hoopla around it, albums, documentaries... Enough.

    • But like... who is forcing you to take in this content? Click on something else babe

  • I love you I love you. I love you so much DEMI!! I LOVE YOU!!! you are so strong and soo amazing!!!!

  • I am a Demi fan and I would have not placed blame on people that had nothing to do with what happened to Demi. She wasn’t thinking straight and she made a horrible decision. These other people didn’t deserve any hate whatsoever

  • I think your story screams it doesn’t matter what problems you have and all the resources and support you have .. change in you will come from you first but that support is also important once you take control of your own life . More power to you Demi 🌻

  • Wow people are quick to judge. I feel so sorry for Dani. People pretend to be angels and then they almost wreck the mental health of someone who isn’t even subject matter. Plus they didn’t even have any proof and yet they accused her. What’s wrong with your critical thinking? First of all, stop sending to celebrities death threats. WTF is wrong with this culture of sending death threats?! In my culture (although I’m not supersticious), if you send someone a death threat, the karma will come to you.

  • Why is this woman not in jail? The regular people who buy drugs get 25 + years in jail but with Demi we have to feel bad for her... wow...

  • No shade no hate or anything but I just wish Demi and Selena were still close to this day.. like how they used to be. Maybe she could’ve helped her through hard times 😭💝

  • 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹

  • a survivor

  • They wanted the sirens off,she isn't safe w "her people "

  • You inspire me demi lovato I can relate to you prayers for you your my inspiration being through what you being through

  • I feel sorry for you demi but I know your going to get through this 🥰😪😥😭🥰😍

  • Everyone needs a Matthew.

  • you have a beautiful voice

  • "You say I am loved when I can't feel a thing You say I am strong when I think I am weak And you say I am held when I am falling short And when I don't belong, oh you say I am Yours..." You Say (Lauren Daigle)

  • You and beautiful

  • Addiction is addiction Whether you’re broke, poor, rich, middle class, a doctor, a lawyer, a cashier at a store ,celebrity ....addiction is always the same

  • *I don't want to make you all mad but after watching this low key, she seem to be blaming ex guys for her actions, like the guy she stated rape her, if it's true why not state his name, why is she keeping it a secret, he might still be raping to this day new young girls. With the drug dealer it seem to me by her own choice she use her body to get what she wanted the drugs. Who Demi should be blaming is her parents why would any parents put their kids in adult position of a full-time job at a young age in this very adult industry is insane to me.*

    • @Matia Orr After actually should be a full stop mark.

    • You people don't listen at all it's sad actually

  • Who's that Disney person? Expose him, Demi, you deserve Justice! The action needs to be taken so we can save other girls from that monster

  • Clown 🤡

  • Truly heart breaking to hear this from Demi. She was my idol I loved camp rock I went to their camp rock concert in Sacramento and sobbed when Demi came out. Its so hard to come to terms with the fact that our favorite child actors were abused and traumatized while making things for KIDS to watch and enjoy and look up too.

  • We are not a hive mind here in the South. I’ve given and received a lot of open mindedness and grace. Pls don’t dismiss and downgrade us.

  • Thats awful to blame her!

  • I truly feel for her. She is a beautiful soul, but this is what happens to childhood stars. I can't think of anyone who has escaped HW unscathed. HW is evil. Stay safe, Demi. ♥️

  • I watched this before the Froyo incident, and now I wish I hadn’t lol. Wtf Demi??

  • I watched this before the Froyo incident, and now I wish I hadn’t lol. Wtf Demi??

  • 😢😭 i proud of you demi lovato 💪💪💪

  • Shes a KAREN, never liked her personality... a BULLY

  • Demi and her toxic fans ruined this woman's career... Shame on them

  • You need to help yourself demi . Stop depending on others to help you . It start from you .

  • Can someone tell me how drinking alcohol and smoking pot will help her overcome her addiction? I’m being serious... I don’t understand how you can be in recovery but still smoke weed and drink?! Does that even make sense? What the heck is California sober and why? Why set yourself up for failure?

  • Not that she has to say who the person was but I wonder how many other girls that person raped. I hope they’re okay

  • I don't know how her mom wasn't balling when talking about the relapse. Her FRIEND cried, but her mom didn't?

    • maybe she processed it differently but yeah it was weird.