Crashing Into Saturn: This Cassini Mission Is the Most Epic Yet | Short Film Showcase

Birt 4 maí 2017
In this stunning animation, watch NASA's Cassini spacecraft begin the last chapter of its 20-year mission to Saturn. Diving deeper into Saturn's rings than ever before, scientists hope that the data from Cassini's final orbits will help to improve our understanding of the giant ringed planet. The probe's last act will be to plunge itself into the planet's atmosphere, where it will burn up and become part of the planet itself.
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Directed by Erik Wernquist. Video courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech.
Crashing Into Saturn: This Cassini Mission Is the Most Epic Yet | Short Film Showcase
National Geographic


  • Cassini: That'll be all. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's been an honor.

  • We want to see the images from Cassini point of view not from yours!!!

  • "To saturn" "from earth, with love"

  • Is melodysheep owned by Nat Geo??? (melodysheep watermark is there on bottom right)

  • Aliens there -"oh that's a shooting star "

  • Special thanks to the photographer who took the pain of travel so far so that we could get this amazing view of Saturn. God bless the photographer

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  • Once again cgi boring stuff. I guess we are not been shown all the real footages as there is someone out there :) Isn t it uncle Sam?

  • press F for Cassini

  • this is so sad

  • give a salute to this spacecraft

  • 3:07 that looks very much like a solid surface

  • Then: Steely eyed missile men. Now: Steely lensed missile probe.

  • So magnifiscent !!! Merci beaucoup .

  • Cassini didint make it at the reentry point

  • I don’t think Cassini is part of Saturn 🪐 it has turned to smoke😌

  • The background music😊😊😌😌

  • Wait why did I cry ?

  • Not distinguishable the true images from the fiction. I don't like this.

  • like it we all have to become the part of our planet itself...

  • Landing on saturn in 7 years is a very big deal and challenge....

  • People on Saturn are still talking about the day an alien 👽 ship crashed into thier planet.

  • Love from India ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Marvelous 'special effects' continuity of Apollo fiction. What's achieved for the humanity and planet earth?

  • Girls: Titanic is so sad 🥺 Me and intellectual:

  • _Why Am Why Crying To A Spacecraft? 😞_ _R.I.P Cassini 1997-2017_

  • Beterzone star amirca nsa good

  • Thank you cassini

  • geez, I love how glorious Cassini's last mission is, it's so beautiful... I cant believe I cried because of this.

  • Couldn't they have brought the spacecraft back to earth instead of having it hurled into Saturn?


  • Let's be honest. We all cried.

  • bruh it exploded i hate you abhjekahsbsbssjjwgegeebbddsjsjsjjajaba props for the cameraman to convince shaggy to give him .8 of his power to film this

  • what if Usa invested atleast 12% more money on nasa than military

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  • why did 1.7 thousand people dislike this vid??!!

  • remember, Cassini cost around 3 billion dollars(U.S)

  • My Brain : Reaching Saturn maybe 4 years Reality : 21 years

  • Hum

  • This video make me think IF when we think that we watched an asteroid burning into earth atmosphere its some kind of "Cassini" ( et's ) ?? Just like we do... think about it

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  • it was kinda sad... rip cassini

  • Malayaali ivide come on

  • Epic finale!!

  • I'm sad Juno is crashing in to me in July 2021

  • Обожаю такие видео

  • Boys criied here 2:49

  • sad

  • Let's observe a minute of silence for Cassini.

  • this day we all should be proud of the people who gave their lives for more than a decade cassini is the heart of all mission .on septemper 15 2017 at 7.55 am cassini took its final breath into saturn. cassini will be rememberd. everyone write .R.I.P cassini in the chat .

  • Farrwell Cassini. (RIP Cassini Oct 15, 1997-Apr 26, 2017 Cause of deah: Crash into Saturn) May it rest in peace.......

    • April 26 wasn't the date for Cassini's death, but the first of its 22 dives between the rings and Saturn itself. The atmospheric entry that caused its destruction happened on September 15. The orbital changes that led to this was caused by close flybys of Titan, so in a sense it was Titan that killed Cassini.

  • passenger killed😳

  • Almost shed a tear, that was close

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  • A great inspiring journey to explore the places

  • I love talking about space

  • I'm confused on a dates here. It says it's posted this video at May 4th 2017 and NASA claimed went to be part of saturn itself at September 15th 2017.

    • This was made before it’s entry into Saturn.

  • We subtracted 5,392 kilograms of matter from Earth and added it to Saturn.

  • So Cassini basically just committed suicide. 😂😂

  • Which tune is this which is playing behind it's so beautiful 0:23 please tell me the name

  • Fun Fact: Saturn has Hexagon poles!

  • Reincarnated as Titan Dragonfly Mission

  • Lone explore ... And brave

  • after doing its duty this is what we give them you have to do better for one and two better stop littering some life form may wish to find out where this junk comes from you will not be laughing when they arrive

  • :(

  • Kudos to the cameraman shooting the video of Cassini's final orbits and it plunging into Saturn.

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  • The Cassini kept fighting until the end; until it was being incinerated by the dense atmosphere of Saturn

    • @FromNorway And there is where the atmosphere comes into play. Surprisingly though, there was no mention of the thing being bounced off by the surface tension of the atmosphere. When space shuttles are going through reentry back to Earth, they have to be slowed down so that the crew won't be crash into the atmosphere because of the difference of atmospheric density between the O-zone and outer space. However, Cassini's orbit was probably wide enough in order for to slip into the atmosphere smoothly. Besides that, the atmosphere itself had a role in the incineration of the satellite. TL;DR: Speed+Atmosphere=Friction=Incineration

    • Cassini's speed at atmospheric entry was over 120,000 km/h.

  • Cassini of the saturn

  • Is cassini

  • Poetic end

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  • I get it.....the cassini's ran out of fuel go to saturn,he can't go back to cassini's will plunge into saturn as huge mission sucessful to study the planet saturn,and he got burned...(that's shame)

  • With Stanley Kubrick dead, who did the Cassini mission?

  • I don't know why I expected this video to say anything about what Cassini's last transmission taught us, I guess that was too much to ask.

  • Thank god im not the only one who burst in tears here, so momma didn't think im a psycho or something like mental disorder. Am I just kinda too emotional to imagine its biography. Well, still, Buh-bye our dear Cassini, thank you very much for fighting a tough decades in order to save us from ignorance. Love a lot from the well dig bottom of my heart.

  • CGI lol

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  • RIP Cassini

  • And the sky of Saturn the journey ends I cry in this part

  • Cassini must have seen thanos on titan

  • Thanks you Cassini

  • This generation should take interest in space rather than instagram Facebook selfie

  • First trash in Saturn made by humans

  • "On the final orbit cassini will plung into saturn fighting to keep its antenna pointed at earth as transmits it farewell in the skies of saturn the journey ends as cassini becomes part of the planet itself"

  • Dude why they did not attach a parachute to it instead of falling directly into saturn it would have crushed in air and send us some more info

    • Too much pressure.

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  • Though it would have been much more honorable if there were saturnians there to watch the Craft's PREMIERE PLUNGE.

  • Name of track please ? Thanks 👍

  • "As Cassini becomes part of the Planet itself"😭😭

  • For some reason this satellite's death is making me cry

  • Remember you we're away from my husband's birth year

  • In year 3030 u found Cassini in a museum as a first one to reach Saturn❤️❤️

  • Where is the real footage?

  • fake news

    • This isn't news anymore. It happened 3½ years ago.

    • @JayJay Aviation 😂😂😂🤣

    • @neil nelson well do you expect a camera to follow the spacecraft as it enters the atmosphere?

    • @JayJay Aviation Its animation. Anybody can create this kind of story with an animation on a different planet. Don't believe everything you see on the internet.

    • Prove it