3 Alternatives for Man Utd to Sign INSTEAD OF Declan Rice!!

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How would Declan Rice fit into Man Utd’s system? (Soccer factor video):

3 alternatives for Man Utd to sign instead of Declan Rice

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  • Why do people assert the reason why Ole uses McFred is because (XYZ) player doesn't exists? If Ole felt he needed a Rice, he'd have gone after him. Rice is overrated. McFred is used because it is the ideal balance in Midfield that can bomb back and forth from defense to attack and back to defense, while they hassle everyone in the way. If United purchase Rice, we'd have to partner him with Fred or the midfield will crumble. Hell, put Scott next to Rice and they'll struggle to move the ball up field. Shockingly, Fred is the United player averaging more ball progression, more recoveries, more tackles, more ground covered, and a greater level of press per game than Scott ... and (of course) Rice. I would never pay the kind of money being asked by West Ham for Rice, who is essentially Scott McTominay with a +1 Buff in some abilites, and a -2 in everything else. A swap deal for Scott + £5 million for age difference is all I'd table for Rice.

  • Can Camavinga bring a instant impact to team by playing as a sole Dm?

  • Kalvin Philips …

  • Hi, please do a video on how Wilmer Barrios from Zenit can fit in as United CDM

  • Ndidi should be 60M max if not then look for other alternatives. Don't need another Maguire scam by Leicester

  • camavinga is no single cdm...

    • He definitely has the capability to be. But likely would play in a double pivot at United

  • No they should sign declan rice he fits the bill. He fitter faster and stronger than fred. If utd want that crowm declan is the biggest piece of our jigsaw sign him

  • Kroos

  • What about varane

  • Potato is better than Rice, both are carbon loading starch.

  • good i have not so much BS in one post

  • West ham wants 100mil for rice no chance!

  • imagine putting rodri in top 5 when pep doesnt even trust him for big games.

  • Idrissa Gueye

  • Verrati

  • Rabiot 30-40m (left) my pick * Palhinha Sporting Lisbon 30m Brozovic Inter Milan 30-40m Merino Sociedad 30m (left) Camavinga Rennes 30-40m (left) Tielamans Leicester 60+m Ndidi Leicester 60+m Kovacic Chelsea 40-50m

    • You not getting you last 3 and don't you think Leicester going to the same as west ham if man u come fishing for Nididi or Tielamans . you understand that 20m of the 100m is there to tell man u stay away and Chelsea not selling a CDM to Man U

  • You’ve chosen 3 of the same player… pacy, limited defensive abilities (heading, clearances, recoveries), “ball winners”. Rice offers something different, a player who can not only recover the ball, but someone who can set the tempo (Scholes, Carrick, Kroos) win the ball back through his positioning, rather than the player go past him and then race the opponent, tackle and possibly lose the ball. That’s why “recoveries” and interceptions are the most important stat for a holding midfielder and Rice excels in both.

    • rice can’t set the tempo. not against a good midfield.

  • overpriced again, british tax -__-

  • Get Palhinha

  • Leicester would sell Ndidi as they've already replaced him with Soumare if the price is right.

  • Yves Bissouma would improve United’s starting XI, is premier league proven, and won’t break the bank.

    • @swapnil kuwar alright glad an expert weighed in.

    • Manutd haven't won any league for 10 years now and they can't afford to take another experiment. We know bissouma is very good but we need elite CDMs now if we want the title.

  • Given Barcelona dire need of cash. Perhaps United to try to bid for de Jong 😂🤣

  • I dunno why we're kidding ourselves. It'll be McFred next season :(

  • Man United not just looking for a DM who could break up the play but also playmaking from deep, have a passing range, carrying the ball, resistant to pressure etc

  • We actually need declan rice

  • James Garner is ready to take over from Mctominay. Other than aerial duels, Garner matches or beats him comfortably in all other parameters.

  • Why am I surprised Wilfred Ndidi has better stats than Declan Rice? 🤔 Leicester want Dan James, we can do a player plus cash deal right there

    • He doesn’t… he tackles more, but doesn’t recover the ball more. Rice makes more interceptions, wins more headers and more recoveries.

  • Soumare was bought in case Ndidi goes

  • Koopmeiners would ve my choice...

  • Would prefer a ball playing, ‘screener’ to cover space, make interceptions and who can use the ball well from deep.

  • I insist on KESSIE FROM AC MILAN AND KOOPMEINERS FROM AZ ALKMAR...I would get both, one for right CDM and the other for left CDM

    • Kessie looks like a box to box Midfield than an out and out CDM. If lies too deep all that bursting runs from deep would be lost

  • I actually think rice is a better "footballer" than ndidi but depending on what united want. Ndidi could just win it back and simply pass the ball to the better ball players in bruno and pogba.

  • Ndidi, Boubabar kamara, Zakaria, Kalvin phillips, Arambarri, Locatelli, Bissouma are good choices too. Even if we dont get anyone i think Tuanzebe could even fill the CDM role, he has everything a proper CDM needs

  • Can we use Lindelof as CDM if we buy Varane?

  • The alternative options suggested : Kante - NOT sellable by Chelsea. Ndidi - Not Sellable by Leicester Camavinga- Interested in staying in France Utter time waste of a video. All info known by everyone. Everyone like the content creator seems to be a football pundit-analyst-scout-coach while they are EA Sports FIFA managers in reality. 😂😂

    • Not really a waste considering the views. Sounds like you are salty. You seem to be knew to football so I would recommend maybe checking out some football article websites. I have 37k subs so obviously people seem to prefer my analysis to yours. Also Camavinga has never said he is only interested in staying in France, you've made that up and Ndidi is not unsellable

  • I'd like Ndidi.. but not possible.. Sooo Camavinga or Bissouma or koopmeiners??

  • Best player for us is Ndidi. Premier league proven aswell. If we want to drop 60 min for Rice pretty sure we could just use the money on Nidid instead

  • Simple Haaland

  • Glazers aren't going to spend big on a cdm after Sancho and potentially Varane, a bargain buy like Pape Sarr is possible. Villa are in for him, we'd jump to head of queue.

  • 1. Rice will cost more than £60m. He is not an elite passer, but he is decent on ball. Afterall McFred rarely play line breaking passes & Rice is better than McFred when it comes to defensive aspects. 2. Ndidi will also cost more than £60m. Ndidi is too good defensively, but he can't play a perfectly weighted short pass back to his defenders 8/10 times. 3. Camvinga is the best option right now, but it will take a few seasons also if he improves his weak foot. He is too left footed, which can be easy to defend against in top level because it's easy to block his passing options.

  • Why would you pay 35 mil for Ruben Neves when that or a little extra can get you Tchouameni.....I hate this club.

  • Declan rice is one of the most overrated players in the world. He’s allergic to passing the ball forward. A DM doesn’t have to be creative or even make forward passes often but rice is ridiculous - he doesn’t ever make any forward passes, he takes zero risks and he actually hinders ball progression a great deal. He’s not even an elite player defensively.

    • Way overrated. May as well give Mctom the chance instead of buying him.

    • @walata11 his English 😒

    • I dont understand why we are linked to him,he is overated and overhyped.

    • you talking out of you Backside mate but i don't mind we don't want him to join M U he dose make forward passes and he also quit attacking play , by the way West Ham did the double over Leicester last season

    • Rice would be a huge upgrade on what United have; he’s young enough to get better with the ball and his recoveries alone are almost double Fred’s. Yes, he doesn’t pass the ball forward as much, but West Ham are a much more defensive team than United; also his game will be much more simplistic…recover the ball, pass it to Bruno or Pogba, then get back to sitting in front of Varane and Maguire.

  • No debate get Camavinga

  • Ndidi is my favourite but very difficult to attain. I would go for kessie who has only one year left. I like camavinga but he is for the future

  • Rodri wins the ball back😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Joao palhinha for 18m would be good

  • Hell, don't even have to look far for this. For me Kalvin Phillips is better than Rice at this position, and he already has the tactical knowledge given by how he plays under Bielsa.

  • Ideal target: Declan Rice because he fits the criteria that Ole has for the team (Young, PL Proven, British). Realistic target: Camavinga because he is the most logical target due to remaining funding available after their purchase of Jadon Sancho. Ndidi is another target but he is going to cost as much as Declan Rice. Man Utd might want to take a look at Bissouma from Brighton. He is PL proven and would cost cheaper than Rice or Ndidi..

    • @Keith Robin Koopmeiner isn't United Level. Kessie is more a b2b. United need solid no nonsense no6.

    • @Keith Robin Koppmeiners joined someone last week not sure who it was

    • I would consider KESSIE FROM AC MILAN AND KOOPMEINERS FROM AZ ALKMAR, Both are defensive if needed to be and have long pass ability to be creative And I would get both, one for left another for the right

  • Mc tominay is better than rice

  • Great video as always 👍🏻

  • Camavinga isn’t a defensive midfielder, his a number 8 and definitely doesn’t have disciples to play a holding role for a club like United, he wasn’t good last year, I think you have overhyped him

    • Completely agree with u , I think he holds the ball too long for a cdm and he is way to skilful and does a lot of dribbling in that cdm area . Roy Keane would be pissed to see that lool

    • He wasn’t good last year? I thought he was great for Rennes. He defo does have the defensive ability for that role but he plays as an 8 for Rennes due to Nzonzi being more limited. He could defo adapt to a deeper role and he is only 18 as well

  • My nan she's quicker and harder than rice

  • I honestly hope United doesn’t sound Rice. I feel he is over rated. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • 2:34

  • Tackle is the worst thing to rate DM 😂 Interception is real thing Cama is not a gd passer either he is a gd carrier 😅

    • @Atlantis Football 100%

    • Camavinga is a good incisive passer. A CM at United needs to be a good tackler to break up counter attacks and sustain attacks

  • Decent analysis. My only criticism is I think your under estimating how much rice and ndidi would really cost to force the move from their respective clubs this summer. I think it would take offers around 80mill and even then their clubs, particularly Leicester could still tell us to do one.

    • Starting demand would be at £80m but for a CDM like Ndidi i recon they’d take £60-£65m and then look to reinvest

  • Locatelli, Palhinha and probably Kamara,and to some extent Koopmeiners, he i s dope defensively and has great physical presence, great passing range but is Not the best dribbler, Camavinga is a Cm mostly but can be be developed into dm, Ndidi is amazing but the injuries and price tag, if we can get 60 million for him it would be fair and I would take him, Tchoumeni seems like a beast. But the best Dm(regardless of style of play) is Kimmich then Kante, 3. Casemiro 4. Fabinho 5. Brozovic . Jorginho, Partey, Fernandinho, Busquets, Palhinha, Gueye, Danilo, Rodri, Koopmeiners, Zakaria would be up on my list aswell btw does De Jong count?


    • Check out Sander Berge, Teun Koopmeiners and Kalvin Philips

  • Nice for giving us this info. But I think Yves Bissouma (Brighton) falls into these categories of players you have mentioned. Boubakary Soumare also but he's gone Leicester city.

  • Thank you Atlantis, I think Rice is overrated. Plus he is not that good with linking defence with attack.

  • Sancho, Varane and Camavinga and we just signed Eric Ramsay ( very promising coach,) if we can get Varane and Camavinga that's probably the Premiership wrapped up

    • @Xolile Nyembe set-piece specialist

    • @Xolile Nyembe united's new addition to the first team coach

    • Who is Eric?

  • Glad somebody sees Declan Rice is average, i would not spend more than 30 mil on a player like that

    • 30m is even pricey,not worth more than 20m

    • It's the english tax brother

  • 71% tackle success rate is insane!!!

  • Bro Ndidi will cost way more than 60 million, leicester would never sell him for anything less than 80 or maybe more

  • Hey Atlantis football, but isn't Camavinga more of a box to box midfielder good at tackling ? Will he be enough for getting enough defensive cover along side Pogba/ VDB ?

  • Camavinga is a pointless signing imo, you can see that he plays his best football when pushing up the field, we’ll just have another Fred situation in the sense of playing a box to box midfielder out of position.

    • @Ukwata Kelvin I agree but nobody will buy Fred for what we will want for his, especially seeing as we paid £50 million for him

    • If Camavinga is signed Fred have to be sold

  • Either of these three will do, it would be an upgrade either way!

  • Ndidi, rice and camavenga, non of those players are realistic targets for Manchester United THIS SUMMER. West ham and liecester would want at least 75 to 80mil for their players.

  • Great options for sure! Also currently as many clubs in ligue 1 is in danger financially, it would be a great chance to get players from the french league

  • Go for Ndidi. Perfect shield for Pogba & Bruno. PL proven. Matic successor.

    • @Matthew Black he’s good but he hasn’t got the legs to do it every week

    • There is no CDM that can replace Matic he's too well rounded,. Like saying there are replacements for Kante and Busquets. All different and too good. I'd go for Tchouameni as first option. I'd also keep Matic as long as possible

    • @Hassan Khan not off the Glazers for sure

    • @Rab McCudden they wont get 100m😭

    • They’ll want a 100mill.

  • We need a deep lying playmaker but who can defend aswell ( locatelli)

    • @Krish Pogba leaving isn't written in stone yet.

    • @Dwayne 14 pogba leaving thus Camavinga so we need a deep lying midfielder

    • No we need a defensive minded player who can also do alright going forward. We've got Pogba Bruno and donny already. We need an Ndidi. The defensive aspect is the most important. Then we add the attacking element

  • Superb selection great content

  • Another great option I think would be Konrad Laimer, awesome player.

    • He's an injury prone, we don't want another bailly

  • Tchouaméni and Camavinga would me fantastic players to bring in, though I would say if United wanted to start winning right now Ndidi would be the best option.

    • Neither of them are really CDM they are more hybrid players while someone like Rice or Ndidi are capable of letting a more attacking midfield in front of them.

    • Kamara over tchouaméni

  • Mad to think Fred has kept Fabinho out of the brazil starting 11

    • I think its casemiro who kept fabinho out... Fred was playing in his more natural box to box role with caemiro holding so he was pretty good, and also I may be wrong but i don't thinkBrazil don't really have an all action box to box midfielder better than him.

  • Have you looked into Boubacar Kamara? He is one of the best midfielders in League 1 for Marseille. He is a fantastic ball winner and can progress the ball tremendously. He has got 1 year left on his contract and would maybe cost around £20 million. Absolute bargain.

    • J Peps _ I don’t think it’s fair to say use ball progression as justification to make your point when Kamara is arguably a better progressive passer than both Camavinga and Tchouameni. What makes Camavinga stand out is his defensive ability and ball progression, and Tchouameni stands out as he is arguably the most well rounded in terms of the three, with his progressive passing, defensive ability, and ball carrying all being at a high level. I agree that Tchouameni and Camavinga are better options, I just don’t agree with the reasonings why

    • His numbers arent that impressive, his ball progression stats are actually worse that either of mctominay or fred and he plays in ligue 1. Tchouameni and camavinga are both better than him.

    • You definitely know your football, kamara is solid

  • Agree, Camavinga is a great buy and has exciting potential if we can get him he is a strong tackler and has a great pass to link up with the attacking half

  • Atlantis Football: McFred Viewers: He said it! He said it!

    • You can make states say what ever you like, fact of the mater is Man U want D Rice but cant not afford him so there this now campaign of knocking he ability on the pitch, what a arrogant club Man U and there fans are, why would anyone want to go there in the first place

  • The one cdm which isn't spoken enough is ndidi mans so underrated rather spend 70m-80m on him then on declan rice

    • @Beuken Phom loan out martial? I'm not so sure about that mate, he's the only other striker we have... as good as Cavani has been he's not getting younger and he seems to have 2 injuries every season... Mason ain't ready to lead the line yet, he's looked average whenever he played there and marcus is probably out after the surgery for 2/3 months... so no, martial is gonna be a very important player for us next year.

    • @Nithin J W They should sell Jones and pereira Loan off Brandon and Martial. IDK why they renew Mata contract We have enough Midfield.

    • @Beuken Phom while that sounds like a sensible deal to do, I don't think we even have that extra 40/50 Mil we would have to give them. I think we need to sell guys like Lingard and other fringe players to sign players like varane and Camavinga, both reportedly under 50 Mil, so I just don't think we have to funds to go up to west hams demands

    • @Nithin J W I didn't make it clear I was actually referring Swap lingard with some cash for Rice... Since Moyes wants lingard at the same time we know what lingard did for West ham last season.

    • @Beuken Phom mate this ain't fifa where u offer bums and the other team just accepts... I'm sure West ham have no interest in Periera and matic, Lingard maybe but I think united want money for him