I Tried Cooking Satisfying Oreo Dora Cakes

Birt 4 feb 2021
Homemade Oreos are my favourite dessert ever and when I saw this recipe I absolutely had to try it, but I'm using birthday confetti oreos and sprinkles to make it more like Dunkaroo frosting! This is 4 ingredient no bake Oreo biscuit cakes, recipy by Delmira Cooking.
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  • 666 DISLIKES? CURSEDDDDDDD- but although it triggers my ocd i'll like :P

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  • So “homemade” Oreo’s are made out of Oreo..... so your remaking Oreo’s FOR WHAT

  • I thought you liked mochi nvm let’s just say you like both

  • Is the one talking about how easy gloom made breaking The Oreos look

  • Me when I see what it looks like at end: 😍😍 eye mouth eye :O

  • have you seen where you take oreos and cream. Mix and put it in the microwave?

  • I love your outfit in this video

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  • Kassie: Martha Stewert is someone who pretends to be me sometimes but she isn't but its really the oppisite

  • Kartha: "Who ever made the birthday cake flavor is a genuis" me: its just vanilla with sprinkles.....I did that before knowing what birthday cake is.

  • Terry:tries to make a joke Kartha:completely ignores him 😂😂

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  • 7:40 kartha: I think his the cutest dog *not even a second later* eww get away you freak


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  • He is the cutest dog

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  • I can't do it gloom because my mom doesn't let me by oreos i hop you can do a nother one put so delicious and with out oreo

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  • You know, you could've just put multiple oreo batter circles in the pan.

  • As having a mother as a baker, precision is important when cooking. If not you may end up messing it up. Fun is not everything but you can have fun while making things precise.

  • Hahahhahahahahahhahaha

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  • I just think deagle is the cutest dog

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  • he s the cutest dog

  • Am I the only one who was making this like as a tutorial

  • Kartha I made a cake without oven And no baking powder/baking soda and only 2 ingredients Me: felling fantastic

  • All the cream(butter cream) stuck on the whisk. Later, no more cream! Haha!

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