Giant Cloud Rolls Through Neighborhood

Birt 29 mar 2021
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  • That guy who works for NASA seems like he put all his hard work into the Mars landing. You have my respect, man

    • After reading these comments, I have come to the sad realisation that the overwhelming majority of people are maliciously dumb.

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    • Paid actor man that shit neve landed on mars


  • 2:58 SSX VR looks sick.

  • You can tell by the way that woman is twitching that she has worked in elementary school for nine years

  • If u haven’t seen Godzilla vs King Kong don’t go to read more 3:00 when me and da bois going into the hallow earth

  • The unknown crow hemperly precede because thread increasingly realise against a cloistered ray. superb, adventurous british

  • 2:13 me when my crush says yes

  • Ayo my g Ross in DailyDoseofInternet!! XD

  • First clip: the Colonial Pipeline is rising to heaven.

  • No that not the clow rolling that Minecraft chunk load

  • R.I.P. Argentina...

  • That giant cloud looks like a very large white pipe

  • Petition to shoot more things into the atmosphere and let them fall back cuz that shit’s beautiful

  • Cool. Now can we see a sheep's-eye-view of bird-herding?

  • 0:08 When I open a package of chips in class, my friends.

  • I love you

  • Where is that cave?

  • I think its the dogecoin cloud taking over the world

  • The cloud be like: They see me rolliiin they hatin patrollin and tryna catch me ridin dirty!

  • Beautiful, awakening,humbleness,wisness,separation, solution, happiness, covered, happiness,intelligency, uniqueness, cheerfulness. Live by qualities and get all happiness.

  • 0:03 :Mongols be like:

  • When vaping was cool

  • I swear cats exist just to fuck around. What a life they have :D


  • I'm disappointed that thug life wasn't played in the dog clip

  • Respect for the dude that works for NASA. Who knows how many weeks he spent on it.

  • Free Diver 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The Cloud: They see me rolling, they hating...

  • So no one is gonna talk about BLOW TAP TALK???

  • These people don’t realise that they are about to be crushed by a giant cylinder.

  • respect for guy working for nasa

  • 00:03 call of duty: warzone

  • The Aliens were landing a mothership in Argentina.

  • 0:05 They see me rollin' They hatin'..

  • At first I thought it was a tube 😂😂😂😆

  • Cats are boncas

  • 2:58 I guess that’s what all the tunnels in valley of triumph look like irl

    • Right! 😆

  • 0:48 that Maltese had me cracking, he be like bishhh meh!

  • 2:17 poor table

  • 1:23

  • 0:52 The autobots have arrived!

  • Today's dose was awesome 🔥

  • You do no make my day any better when you show NASA videos and rover and helicopter on Mars. THEY ARE ALL FAKE... believe me, everything about NASA is a big fat lie.


  • 1:22 Legend has it he hasn't landed yet

  • it looks like a insane tsunami

  • Hey, it says gullible on the ceiling. *looks up and sees “gullible” on the ceiling* Oh, so it do-Ooh, you stole my lungs.


  • When the aliens use a giant rolling pin to turn your planet into a pizza.

  • 0:54 nah that's just master chief

  • Now imagine if the cloud happened in 2012

  • the giant cloud is called a volutus cloud, or more casually a roll cloud! they’re formed by colliding winds (usually from the sea so they’re often found by the coast), and do actually roll as they move - they’re sometimes the front of a huge storm cloud that’s separated from the rest, meaning they’re more like an arcus or shelf cloud, but it’s difficult to tell in the video what will follow it!

  • those arent clouds.. THOSE ARE WAVES

  • The cat though 😂

  • The birds eye view of sheep herding was strangley hypnotic.

  • Un poco d todo

  • Ah, the great cylinder rolls onward

  • Imagine what the radar looked like when seeing that cloud

  • 0:47 🤣😂

  • With great power comes giant fucking clouds like Jesus Christ that size

  • NASA guy starts hitting keyboard, accidentally hacks into the system and makes the Rover blow up.

  • Oh look it says gullible on the ceiling. Oh yeah it does say tha- oh you stole my lungs.

  • Pls get 100m subs!

  • Brah, was the cloud rolling a pun?

  • That guy's reaction at 2.20 is exactly why flat earthers and their nonsense are just insulting. See the love, passion and relief in his can't just fake that. This man deserves respect. F**k the flerfers.

  • *Random sheep : move overthere* *Sheep 1 :* let's go the same *Sheep 2 :* why ? *Sheep 1 :* why not ? *Sheep 2 :* I can't argue that, let's go.

  • 2:45 me herding my sheep with wheat in minecraft

  • 0:04 Omg the mist its real the monsters dont go outside.


  • I’ve seen one of those big clouds before 🌚

  • I guess zeus chose Argentina

  • No one’s gonna talk about the ufo that just pops in while he’s filming the space debris 🤪

  • 1:10 there is a ufo it the top right

  • 0:07 The rumbling has started.

  • If you like the sight of the cloud, definitely you should check out the game "The Eternal Cylinder"

  • now touch it.

  • sooooo we just gonna ignore that last clip? 😭

  • The cat at the end tho

  • 1:22 My cousin trying to impress me without looking at forward😭

  • 0:53 That ain't no space debris I've seen Transformers

  • Jordan Matter with the dancers near those shooting star thingys would be like "QUICK DO ONE OF THOSE LEG UP THINGYS.... Oh I MISSED IT!......... GOT IT......... BOOM!" lol

  • 1:15 is that a plane

  • 0:53 why am I just thinking the song "Arrival To Earth" by Steve Jablonsky from Transformers one when the autobots come & land on earth

  • 1:56 "Hey, it says 'gullible' on the ceiling!"

  • I was in Argentina in1990 by the Brazilian border and a cloud like that rolled in over us. Coolest cloud I've ever seen. Nice to see it happens from time to time.

  • 0:53 how genshin impact wishes are made

  • I happy for the rover guy

  • that tamagoyaki has so much milk

  • Alien 1: *sniffle * Alien 2: You okay? Alien 1: The humans are just growing up so fast! *sniffle * Alien 2: Hey! Don't start, cause-- *sniffle sniffle * --you're gonna get me started! Alien 1: *I'M JUST SO PROUD OF OUR LITTLE SQUISHIES!!!* Alien 2: *ME TOO!* *really hard, really ugly, alien crying of joy and pride *

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  • The dog giving attitude is me at work when I get nothing but waiters all day

  • Bird's eye view of sheep herding? It's sheep bending art from what I see, lol.

  • Guy is part of history now

  • That cat at the end looks like it has dual citizenship in Fraggle Rock and the world of Dr Seuss.

  • That tunnel is a real like Matterhorn ride

  • J

  • when im rolling through the street i see the clou clou cloud

  • Snoop dog finally opened his front door

  • imagine how happy you'd be if something you built gets flown to another planet lmao damnnn

  • the cloud looks like the eternal cylander

  • First clip: me making a cake the first time without my mum

  • 1:26 The trigger fish is probably triggered right now.